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Pete Carroll Postgame Press Conference at Rams | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Hear from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll following the Seahawks 12-28 loss against the Los Angeles Rams at LA Memorial Coliseum during week 14 of the regular season.

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Mr Pringle

Tough loss tonight

ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

We played like we didn’t want to win.

Really hard to get over but I still believe

Go hawks!!!! #13-3

    Hawks Nation

    Yes sir 💚💙

    Drew Le

    Yup. Team looked completely unprepared.

    Cancel OK

    We were prepared. I am the defensive backs coach for the Seahawks. We did everything right and we basically won the game.

    maximus vonce

    If zuerloin didn’t miss chipshot Rams beat you 5 straight

    Joe Jennings

    Looked y’all got y’all asses kicked to me. Lmfao

Spock B

We definitely need to watch the film at practice. Didnt cover the receivers from getting wide open, plus our Backers should have pressured the quarterback and Gurley. . Definitely need to watch the film, and shape up at practice. Gotta focus harder on the last 3 games.

Capo King

defense left too much space for the receivers…horrible.

    Matthew Hernando

    Capo King offense didnt give defense a break. Atleast the defense had a pick 6. Need to control the ball. Run game and passes. No creativity today. Need to adjust in all phases of the game.


    It’s the coaching. They are playing to the scheme

    Skoden Fineden

    K.Norton is scared maybee, don’t trust his secondary maybee.


    Ur really bitching about the defense!?! Lmao! Offense didnt put any points up! Smh!

Mihai Grigoras

I was afraid this was coming. You all looked like you were drunk and beat-up and didn’t feel like playing.

    Diogo Lourenço

    @C-Gal Me too


    Diogo Lourenço Rams have been our kryptonite for the past couple of years, and then not to mention we almost always need a loss for us to fix our mistakes or sloppiness. It happened last year against the last niners game with all of those penalties. The year before that was mostly kicker issues though

    Diogo Lourenço

    @C-Gal agree… I told my wife yesterday, “we’re gonna lose”


    @Cancel OK lol idiot…cancel yourself

    Vuanita Haslam

    I ńo it shocked me the seahawks ursałly play better than that

Angel Hernandez

I have to go bald because of this loss and that how confident I was on winning this game!!!

    Brian Koski

    WTF? …
    Don’t pull your hair out!
    The Hawks are just OVERATED!


    Brian Koski I think he means he lost a bet. Now has to shave his head.

    Brian Koski

    Oh, ok. Thanks. ..
    I’d rather pull my F’n hair out. Enjoy!

Elisha Roberson

Yall acted like yall wasn’t tryna..dis sad


Russ has been looking off ever since niner game, something is wrong, and it just hasn’t really been addressed publicly

    B Rus

    Yeah I’m with you. He’s looked just weird the last couple games besides the Vikings game when he seemed more like himself

    Adrian TSN2291

    The NFL secretly told him to stop playing at an MVP level so that Lamar can win and the media will have a story. Lol.


    Nothing is wrong…He is all talk….

Living -living

Those 2 dropped passes in the first half were crucial kept the momentum on rams side 😡

Clorox Bleach


    The Seeker

    My bb

Chuck Norris's Pinky Finger

What quarter do we win in again, Pete?!


    🤣🤣🤣 neither quarter in this case

Flag Bearer

Tough Loss WE will Adapt Much Love.

The Seeker

That was a meat grinder. The Rams bring their A game everytime we play. But we’re the Hawks. We’ve rallied to greater odds.

    Dylan s.

    As a rams fan i can say whenever we play you guys we know 9/10 it’s a 50/50 change of beating you guys because over the past few years both teams have been evenly matched

Tony Nguyen

Play calling too conservative, smh run run pass punt. Too predictable. we got too many great wide receivers and we can’t use them right

    Cancel OK

    The best sequence is run run pass pass on fourth and inches. Always run run pass on the first three downs. Works every time.

    Far West

    On the 2nd possession of the game down 7-3 they ran it 3 times in a row and went 3 and out. Disgusting playcalling.

    Paris Wolf

    Too predictable in playcalling on the offense side. I have a feeling Wilson did not get to do any playcalling from the get go. They need to turn Wilson loose and let him call his game. Mix things up and keep the other team guessing. I hate the run, run, pass, punt the seahawks do far too often. Offensive coordinator should not be a helicopter coach for Russell. Russell knows how to win.

    Offensive line did not protect Wilson as well as they should have also.


Adjustments have to made!
No way we’re beating the niners again playing like that.
This game better be an outlier or there’s no way in hell we’re making a super bowl run.
Panthers have to be crushed next week to reestablish ourselves.
Go Hawks!

    nick 445

    We will bounce back


Whoa..! 6 – 1 on the Road..! That’s quite a Good Road Record..! Sooo Quit Crying and Suck up your Guts..! Another ‘Road Game’ this week..

Chris Boe

Somewhat reassuring news: we still control our own destiny for both the division and a first round bye

Bad news(not that bad tho): we don’t control our destiny for the 1 seed, if there’s a 2 way tie for top record with us and the saints, they would hold tie the breaker. Tho if it’s a 3 way tie with us and the packers or Vikings, Seattle would be number one. Two way tie with either of those teams would also go to Seattle. Basically we either need the saints to lose the 1 or the packers to win out, assuming we run the table.

In spite of this game, I still like our chances in the division. We play 2 bad teams next, the Panthers and cardinals, both of which may be close but I’m not worried, we’ve been beating teams like them all year. The niners game will be at home and in prime time, I like Seattle in that game. Two years ago we beat the eventual super bowl champion eagles and last year we beat the cheifs in our prime time home December game. I know those were different years and different teams, but the fact of the matter is century link is a really tough place to play in games like that. Seattle will be amped and crowd noise will be a huge factor. We definitely have a lot to improve, but I still like where we’re going


It’s been awhile since I seen my Hawks play this bad. If they play this flat next week the Panthers will beat us. Also if we win the last 3 we will be the 1 seed right ? ?

Laura H

Seahawks need to change the old playbook.

Joel Tilson

The Seahawks looked like they still feeling the effects of the flu. Especially Russell Wilson, he looked off.

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