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Russell Wilson Keeps the Dream Alive

Russell Wilson throws to Tyler Lockett for a Seahawks touchdown. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Sharpened ARMY


Edison Baenziger

I’m out, nah no way😂😂😂

Henry Westerlund

Well, let’s hope that the Seahawks can comeback like the Chiefs
Edit: The Packers were simply the better team today. I wish you the best Packers, go hawks!

    Henry Westerlund

    perfect stranger I also saw the video, however I refuse to base a loss on a simple theory that is backed with zero evidence

    perfect stranger

    zero evidence . that’s the beauty what makes it all work

    Henry Westerlund

    perfect stranger … you have a point, but still the packers earned that win despite bad officiating on both sides

    perfect stranger

    dez made that catch !

Logan Alford

1st HAHAHAHAHA IM SOOOOO DAMN COOOL HEY EVERYONE I WAS FIRST. I’m now second for taking so long to write this comment.


    Logan Alford ur 14th*


    I was first


    You can check


    r0y3l yeah u were first at being 14th🙃

    The Realest Shark9iNe

    You were like 52nd lol

V2_Styles S

He is a beast like this if Russell is a beast

That dude Joe

Russell”Houdini”Wilson back at again

    Meron Ghebresilassie

    @Beast Mode wtf you russell choke wilson? You mean Seattle choke defense.

    JJ Edwards

    Beast Mode you just called the most clutch QB ever a choke….. ignorance is bliss I guess.

    Beast Mode

    JJ Edwards chill out my guy it’s just a joke he’s a good guy I like him

PaulBall Prod.

Letz all be real the packers should have never had a bye in the first place the refs made sure that happen!

crazyboyme _

Win or lose, Wilson is always gonna be one of the most humble football players.

    Nolan Gilbert

    HAHAHA loseee

    kid with a smug hat

    crazyboyme _ yeah behind Lamar tho

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋v

Buk Lau

Russell wilson is keeping the whole damn seahawks franchise alive
(him and bobby wagner)

    Cole Hunt

    Lockett also

    S N A C C

    @Michael O’Malley why are you so toxic who hurt you

    Al Bernard

    All they need is Bobby Boucher to bring it home

    lamar kingram

    Buk Lau and metcalf and clowney

Ethan Thomas

Thank u russle let’s keep going


Lamar may have won MVP but Russell has been consistent since his inception into the league (6 years going). I hope Lamar can stay this consistent.

    Eric Ciriano

    @Henry Westerlund grabage time tho….he choked in the playoffs. Ur watching a true mvp at work here in this vid.

    Henry Westerlund

    Eric Ciriano I am, but everyone refuses to focus on what Lamar Jackson *did* do

    Tony Zheng

    @Henry Westerlund That’s good, and I like it. But long passing yards is not everything, such as Jameis Winston. Also he still needs to improve on his completion. He got 2-ints and 1 fumble. He knew that he can’t win the game by passing, which is why he was still rushing in the second half while still wasting the time.

    Hassan Haulcy

    Tony Zheng just gon act like his receivers ain’t drop passes and the 1st pick he did throw wasn’t a drop passes as well huh?

    Tony Zheng

    @Hassan Haulcy Because they are focusing on rushing the whole season. The Titans broke their offense which caused Lamar to pass more.

E Clam

They just lost thou

Dhruv Gupta NerdyDabberDG

And now it’s over.

Hoop Prod.

RIP the dream

Kash 45

As a titans fan I’m very sad that the Seahawks lost

    Kash 45

    Henry Westerlund yea I hate the packers and I wanted the Seahawks to win

    Henry Westerlund

    Kash 45 true, I can’t say that I like the Packers, but after this game they have earned my respect.

    Kash 45

    Henry Westerlund true true

    Werdna Swag

    Since hawks lost im rooting for the titans now for this playoffs

    Kash 45

    Werdna Swag oh yea titans can win it all probably

Random Guy

The dream is dead now😁
Though Russel Wilson was excellent


    @Person Person yup 😎

    Fish Friends and Fun!

    Man not tryna hate but the packers were playing really dirty with lots of cheap shots and refs called every single thing on us but not the packs

    Job Done Right

    @Fish Friends and Fun! it’s the Packers what do you expect? The refs always cater to them and Rodgers.

    Hai Voai

    Yes 👋n

Garrett Richardson

Well the dream kinda dead now after the Packers won…..

    Nolan Gilbert


Joe Cool Berry

Russ played out of his mind dealing with wr drops (Turner), no run game, and o line yet still almost brought us a win


All my teams lost 😭

The Nigel Douglas

I’ma keep dreaming that the league reviews that last play and has us replay when they stopped him

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