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Howard Thurman

17 for Seattle dropped the 1st down on what couldve been the game-winning drive… I feel for the guy. It’s a game of misses and makes

    Lukas Tetzlaff

    I almost hit the wall after that

    Mitchell Dye

    he went to my high school, Sacred Heart Griffin

    Lil John

    checkhook13 I think you spelled dk metcalf wrong


    Andi S not an idiot just unlucky

Tinashe Jerry

“Pass wide open Adams. Makes a catch. Makes a move. Sprinting. For the endzone….”


Tinashe Jerry

“Green eighteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen…” had the d-line twitching lol

    Andrew Tepolt

    Packers were founded in 1919 = Green 19. Now you know.

    Tinashe Jerry

    Andrew Kunze didn’t know that. Thanks man

    Tinashe Jerry

    Andrew Tepolt now I know. Thanks

    Rhys Williams

    i thought he was saying 3 nineteen

    Chris Nowak

    I hear “319”

Jordan Allison

Glad they gave it to lynch at the goal line twice. Coach learned his lesson. Haha

    Enache Mădălina


    @Gerardo Mendez 100%

    Shigeo Son of cloud and deadwood

    @Jordan Allison Inscope21 refernz?


    ‪Australian Bush Fires FAKE NEWS‬


Laker Jay

Russel v Aaron lowkey a rivalry they had two great playoff matches now

    Alex Hardt

    @Gold Standard rodgers isn’t religious at all.

    Matthew Henry

    @Blasty Blast 11:07 he got rid of the ball in like two seconds and Adams was not wide open. I didn’t get to see the game because I was at work, but your posts are clearly biased ones. You say the refs were on the Packers’ side, yet they missed an obvious fumble recovered by Green Bay.

    Alex Bowen

    Matthew Henry not to mention the first down was short, and one of their 3rd & goals was short by a couple inches, these refs were compensating the whole game 🤣

    Divine Aria

    @Alex Bowen…which first down was short? The Jimmy Graham catch? The yellow line shown on tv wasn’t accurate. It was a little further out than the marker. There was a side shot briefly shown of the first down marker and Graham was clearly over that marker. That’s a little too much salt you have going on there. And if the refs were compensating for something, it was probably for the Fail Mary that happened years back.

The Tonesss

I didn’t get to watch the Seahawks’ last game of the season 😭 but gg to the Packers. Looked very entertaining! Best of luck for the rest of the playoffs.
#GoHawksGo #12Man

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋V

    Max Mus

    “I didn’t get to watch the Seahawks”
    Every Seahawks fan, ever.

    I’m from Germany and i watch my Pack every Game, even if its a 2am Kickoff like Yesterday.

    You guys are nothing but dead bandwagonsouls from 2015.

    12 Go

    Jamil Watkins 2.5 aye dame near beat the packers but it wasn’t close enough tho .


    ‪Australian Bush Fires FAKE NEWS‬


phantomy 89

7.16 Seahwaks finally learned to run the ball with Lynch at the 1Yard line😂

Justin Cleveland

The lack of “yellow weasel” is deeply disappointing. The highlight of the decade, to be sure.

Jay Money

10:35 was a BIG drop

    A Sepu

    Jay Money that was the momentum shifter. Sadly he dropped it


    after that the game was basically over


    he must feel sick today

    SiR Pudge

    If he catches it I really feel like the Seahawks score.

Avanti Lauzon

If only Russel Wilson could throw and catch to himself lmao. Out there carrying that whole roster…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    B00fpack '

    Ok Boomer would’ve been in the SB easily 😂😂😭😂


    He really was. I was watching the game thinking _”Is Russel Wilson really gonna solo carry his entire team to beat us?”_

    Pistol Pat

    That dude is like trying to chase down Floyd mayweather in the ring, literally!!!



    Tighe Philbin

    I’m a packers fan and agree . Russel Wilson has so much talent within himself and very little around him sadly


A fumble but “no proof” the defense recovered it?

    Andre Nunez

    Why didn’t the refs look for more proof and also the the first down marker is behind the yellow line so the Seahawks didn’t get robbed


    Some Seahawks players play like spoiled hateful children, with their facemasking and cheap shots. Makes the coach look stupid. Players that intentionally do that should be booted from the league and given mandatory.”grow up” classes.

    12 Go

    YoBro word up dude . De packers done tore the Seahawks Bridges apart .😂😂😂😂😭😭😭.


    ‪Australian Bush Fires FAKE NEWS‬



    The big thing is that, even if the yellow line was official (which it’s not), Graham’s body was on top of the defender with no other body part touching until after his helmet hit turf, which is where you mark him down at, which is where the yellow line was.
    A receiver isn’t down until a body part other than feet hit the ground. Graham’s elbow hits after helmet touches

Yannick Bilongo

Stephen a smith voice: He is a baaaaaaaad man

    Blasty Blast

    @secrecy silence Please go back to school for your logic learning. If Rodgers can only throw when Adams is wide open, it doesn’t mean Adams is open all the time. Those are 2 different subsets of events.

    Rodgers was so bad that even when he threw to Jimmy at the end, he threw it so low that Jimmy fell down making the catch, not even making a first down. Then the ref give him 2 extra yards. And that is MVP play? What a joke

    Stale Memes

    Blasty Blast Who blew at the one-yard line in Week 17?

    Blasty Blast

    @Stale Memes Who blew it in week 17? Pretty sure it was all 3 of our running backs getting injured that blew it, and our best tight end. I don’t have any illusions about the Seahawks winning the super bowl, but Wilson outplayed the Rodgers in this game. Rodgers looked average even with the Seahawks defense terrible coverage.

    Stale Memes

    @Blasty Blast So you’re blaming everything on injuries, huh. Last night GB had almost the same mount of players not playing (due to illnesses and, later on, injuries). Stop being delusional.

Chris Tilley

The Seahawks were messing with Rodgers discount

joseph woycke

Stephen A today: ” That baaaaadddd man Aaron Rodgers”

    Smokephi Sounds

    tt you’re right. Devante made countless throws to himself on 3rd down. Especially the last throw to Jimmy Graham. Thank God Adams is such an accurate QB, especially on 3rd down 😂😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️


    He is a baaaaaaAAAAAAD ………



    @tt wow you’re special

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋n

Team Carrot

Seahawks: we are gonna win!


    Jacob Hall

    Wait until Mahomes plays Rogers in the Super Bowl. It’s definitely going to be a State Farm meme

    Gabe Zilla Bills Mavs

    Team Carrot what are my other options?

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋k

    Ivan Jimenez

    Jacob Hall … here comes all the salty niner fans saying how disrespected they are for not saying they’re going to the SB.

    Adrien Yb

    @Ivan Jimenez stfu

XxKramer21xX sAw 8

“no evidence of a clear recovery” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 they really was trying Green Bay in the first quarter…I almost threw my wine at the TV


    My fav was the PI that didn’t exist, followed by the ghost face mask.


    @anthonydk5 i’m not a seahawks fan so i will not be crying. That fumble recovery wasn’t clear and by the rulebook it was the right call. Your packers have gotten bailed out all season long from terrible calls. Have fun getting pounded by the niners next week lol.

    Kumquat Perk

    XxKramer21xX sAw 8
    How about the pass interference by seattle on an uncatchable pass? More than made up for it.

    Captain Obvious

    Phateechubchub that was a PI, but to be fair he didn’t initiate it. they also didn’t call a face mask on clowney, it was a personal foul, grabbing the helmet opening

    Turhan Henderson

    @XxKramer21xX sAw 8 Well, if it was after the play, it’s a part of a flag buddy. IDK though, didn’t watch yet.

g v

10:08 he is a tuff man to handle. Gets shoved 5ft away


    g v lmao he was supposed to drop back into coverage that play he just stepped back

    h0tthead H0t


Peter Nionakis


Dhruva Sudhindra

Aaron Jones just yelled “I LOVE YOU GRANDMA” ☺️🥰😱😭

    John Collins

    Who doesn’t love their Grandma?? 😀

James Allen

That blew my mind when they fumbled and refs Said there was no clear evidence on a recovery!
That’s why you need to clear the pile and see who has the ball!
That’s the most ridiculous call ever!

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