Deshaun Watson Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Deshaun Watson Full Season Highlights | NFL 2019

Deshaun Watson finishes another great year with over 4,200 all-purpose yards and 34 total touchdowns in the regular season. He was able to add on 635 yards and 3 touchdowns in the postseason.

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Demarcus Shkepums

The Houston Houdini


If you’re reading this have a good day

    Md Anisur Rahman

    @Dezi lol


    Md Anisur Rahman Lol ❤️


    Myles & Corrin Bogard Welcome bro… sad to see OSU out of the championship.. are you from Ohio?

Joshua Johnson

If he was coached by anyone other than Bill O’Brian, he’d be more successful

jaiveer d

If he had a good o line and good coach he would be the mvp and lead the Texans to the Super Bowl

    Lil Wooo

    Logan nah the interior of the Oline definitely still needs some work…and a pass rusher or 2 would help.

    Alejandro Mendez

    Lil Wooo secondary would be great

    Htown Q

    Logan man casuals will say that shame people hate greatness

    Nuff Said

    You’ve said a mouth full. 🍺🍺🍺


sad he doesn’t have a defense


    @Swish Dipper im not a texans fan lol i was rooting for kc

    dre d

    @Beama The Texans play calling is crazy it seems like everything resorts to Deshaun having to make some unreal play.

    ProjectDfrosty 7

    @Swish Dipper he blew a 24 point lead, the proper wording is that O’Brien blew a 24 point lead cause of the play calling he did

F & B Empire

Get him a defense he can build energy off of.

Hurricane Henry

Bill o brien needs to be fired

    Md Anisur Rahman

    Romeo kennel needs to be fired not o’Brian

    Htown Q

    Md Anisur Rahman I say boffem they both bad

JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy

Defense fails us at the start and at the end 😔

    Ben Koskie

    wasn’t really his fault… we were putting up points. it was our defense that allowed 51

    Justin R

    @Ben Koskie thats what he just said

Chris Paul point god

He gave it all he could… I’m proud. Oh well on to the conference championships

Conner Sulek

One of the most underrated quarterbacks ever

    Legend__ 21

    He’s far from underrated…people even call him the MJ of football so no.

    KM 5173

    He hasn’t even been in the league for 5 years.

    Swish Dipper

    Legend__ 21 only dabo does lol

    Swish Dipper

    Todd P both were lousy qbs who got more credit than they actually deserved imo

Emile Graham

shoutout to my texan fans wathcing this while crying after that wave of emotions after the chiefs game

Ricardo Masvidal

“Pass on Deshaun Watson, You’re Passing on Michael Jordan” Deshaun is an amazing player. He’s special and is gonna be a great player for a long time.

Sports 311

He most definitely needs a new coach in order for him to get to the next level. As a bears fan, i wish he was on that team instead of Trubisky


My favorite QB after Brady he’s a beast

    dre d

    @Nathan Maybe he’ll leave the Texans because he’s going to get injured carrying that joke of a franchise.

    Imitation Sponge

    @dre d Wouldn’t want to lose those weapons though

    dre d

    @Imitation Sponge I’m sure he’d be fine with a real coach and an actual offensive system the Texans have no identity.

    Imitation Sponge

    @dre d I agree, I just hope that they get a new coach, Deshaun is such a special talent and I know that he would flourish. Clutch young guy

Jburrow SMM

This L wasn’t even his fault
… his defense did him no favors

    Legend__ 21

    @Owen Sweetmost likely yall would’ve because y’all had the momentum advantage…the fans were quiet and all hope was lost for the chiefs. They couldn’t even catch the ball when they were wide open, but yall let them get easy points instead of letting them drive down the field and work for it…and you can’t let an explosive offense like that gain confidence and get hot…especially at home🤷🏾‍♂️

    Abram Anguaino

    they can’t even catch the ball

    Julio Jones # bestwr # first to 12,000 rec yrds

    Watson’s a stud

    Xander Roberts

    Bill O’Brien and Romeo Crennel need to go


The highlights end at the start of the 2nd quarter

JTrillZ BooFed

Watson deserves a better coach and defense. 🤧

Etienne Calleja

Hell of a player, he will make it to the big game one day, I’m sure of it.

Matthew Shortle

Bill O’Brien is wasting this dudes’ career. Fire him now.

Melty Lucy

What a young STAR! ⭐️ 🎊😝

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