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Packers Take It All the Way on Opening Drive!

Aaron Rodgers connects with Davante Adams for a Packers touchdown. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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smokin jay cutler

obviously a bears fan but that fumble was recovered by the packers

    Almir Merovic

    Packer lands on top of ball, HANDS the ball back to the ref after the scrum

    Ref: No clear evidence of Green Bay recovery

    Tokyo Japan

    Dude I’m not gonna lie I’d rather have Cutler over turdbisky right now

    Killer Champion

    @Almir Merovic in trying to tell ya

    smokin jay cutler

    Tokyo Japan idk i mean we’re gonna have a different offensive staff so who knows

    Amelinda TOEIC

    Yes 👋b

Nehemiah Howard

marshawn was about to throw the ball at someone😂

    283 128

    Lil Berrr I’m sure it was

    Nehemiah Howard

    @Lil Berrr say sorry, he may give you a head start

    Lil Berrr

    Nehemiah Howard he’ll probably run out of breath after 5 feet tbh

Sleeping for 16 hours

Who’s gonna win this game
Like Green Bay
Comment Seattle

    Samuel Moore

    Sleeping for 16 hours looking for a dub

    ꧁ LXVE ꧂

    @Deplorable Centrist seattle is getting rekt right now hopefully they can comeback and win but never guarantee anything. You’re not even playing for Seattle lmao nothing in your power could even slightly better guarantee a win for anyone

    Rebecca Skiff

    Go pack go

    ForgotPassword Lul

    @Jesse ッW Yeah, like you bud. It’s time for bed, get outta here

    Rj Farris

    Deplorable Centrist lol


Oof never been this late


packers scored faster than the ravens postseason exit

    Birchall M

    @Dale Griffim You’re talking as if football is played by 1 person. It’s a team effort. Lost as a team. Can’t blame 1 guy for a loss. Sorry but the team just flat out got outplayed

    Dale Griffim

    Birchall M yeah,that means there shouldn’t be a MVP

    Birchall M

    @Dale Griffim that’s where you are wrong. The team trophy is The Vince Lombardi. That’s for playing and winning as a team. Individual awards are both given out for regular season and post season. That’s where MVP comes into play

    Dale Griffim

    Birchall M ok,your right

    Jath Kankanam

    @Dale Griffim well give him some time you can say that he is not great if he chokes for like 5 straight seasons or something. Players need time to develop and get better.


:18 seconds already a hold not called 🤦🏾‍♂️


    iamphil84 on one of the lineman of what I don’t see where


    A at :18 seconds #74…you telling me that wasn’t a hold?


    iamphil84 oh I see it now

    Greg Adler

    certainly was, 74 nearly horse collared him to the ground from behind! The back judge was looking right at it but didn’t call it.

Larry Legend GOAT

That was a damn beautiful throw


    Something Kyler will throw in a Super Bowl. That game 4 years ago is still one of my favorites all time man. Larry will get his ring. And I’m talking about the Divisional Round in 2015


    @Larry Legend GOAT I know your team is a darkhorse next year for sure. Kyler is gonna have a great year man.

    AZ Tambir

    Shrek Halo nah I’m a pats fan, but I am salty

    Mot Goaiu

    Yes 👋b


Ok, what the hell is up with the Green Bay crowd? They’re up 7-0 at the end of the 1st quarter, yet they’re completely silent with Seattle on offense.

    Parker Schuh

    Michael i was there it was loud as hell the entire time except when we were on offense of Seattle scored

bruce lau

Damn that was such a BEAUTIFUL throw

Alejandro Bonilla

Go Pack Go. 🏈


He is a …….

…… bbbaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAD MAN!

Abdullah Shamsuddin

Rodgers hard count on 0:24 sounds like “SAY CHEESE” …

    richard escobar

    Hes saying green 18 thats his call
    He says on every play

    ProdBy SinOrSin

    As a former quarterback it’s usually a color and than a number, green 17-19 or blue 42, you usually go on the count of how many huts to try and get someone off sides.

    Stoned Okie Solutions Llc

    Rodgers is saying
    “I’m not BRADYYY”

Laniel Tribble

Man he got a sweet release 💯

Devon Blocker

GO PACK GO 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀💚💛💚

Mar Blox

Go Green Bay.!!! I’m not losing 2 games today.

Alaina Derrico

gotta love the packers

Jonathan Matondo

Looks like Aaron Rodgers is about to GOAT this

    Mark Symbala


    David Bing

    @Mark Symbala he said Rodgers not Brady


    @David Bing roast of the 2019 season

    Mot Goaiu

    Yes 👋p

Emperor Belichick

With a title like that. I was expecting the first play to be a touchdown.

    John Kincaid

    Emperor Belichick right. But they said opening drive

Duchess in Lydia s house. Marques

Rogers had a beautiful t h r o w

richard escobar

Seahawks still can’t best the packers with a sick Aaron Rodgers.

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