Mahomes & Watson’s EPIC QB Duel | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mahomes & Watson’s EPIC QB Duel | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson have a quarterback duel for the ages in the AFC Divisional. Mahomes finishes the day with 321 yards and 5 touchdowns, while Watson passed for 388 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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John Wick

Texans: comeback victory against bills

Texans a week later: it’s opposite day

Mclovin v7

They had us in the first quarter ngl

    JAMES HARDEN 3time dpoy


    that's me

    we started slow but we’re always gonna finish fast

    dre d

    @that’s me Bill O’Brien is incredibly bad people are right he completely handicaps his QB

    Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana

    @dre d do please fire bill o brian

Saint Aubyn TFG

The Chiefs went on a 51-7 run

    Z CiDDKaST

    @John Lewis Best comparison you can make. This comeback was a beautiful thing for many reasons.


    Saint Aubyn TFG it’s encouraging

    Dakingltroy Productofdade

    Saint Aubyn TFG dat is fckin insane for real I thought dat game was over for sure at 24-0

    Michael Brass

    Thank you Captain obvious

Icebound 03

I smell a congrats Houston

    Thomas Da Playa

    He already made it


The “Mitchell Trubisky” Bowl

    Jerry Kwerve

    Fire Pace

    New Life23

    DrkViol801 get a grip on life

    David Montgomery

    @Md Anisur Rahman yeah cause Watson is so much better than Mahomes that he’s going to the AFC championship……..oh wait

Senya -

Respect for Deshaun. Fought untill the very end.

Legendary Kid

Texans defense is a disgrace Poor Me 🤦🏾‍♂️😢✌🏾


    Legendary Kid nah, they just got unlucky and had to deal with mahomes.


Bills: Choke after having a 16 point lead.

Texans: Those are rookie numbers.

    Marcelo Serazzi

    falcons: are you kidding me? that is insultingly low

    Aidan Davis

    Marcelo Serazzi meh it 1 point difference and they were both gone in 1 quarter. The patriots also didn’t go on to put up 51 points

Fun Chiefs

The new Brady-Manning matchups

    Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana

    @LtS720 watson is more talented than jackson. He just has the worse offensive line in the history of the game. Give him a good line an healthy recievers an he is 2nd to mahommes

    Your mum's favorite meat stick.

    @LtS720 Not as talented? You are high af bruh.

    John Something

    @Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana That offensive line is good at run blocking, not so great at pass blocking. Not terrible though either. Watson holds onto the ball too long much of the time, because he trusts his ability to scramble.

    Hambone from Hargroves Louisiana

    @John Something thats real truth, but i wouldnt call the offensive line good at all at pass blocking. But your right he does hold on to it too long

Justin Koh

Mahomes, Watson, Jackson future of AFC for years to come!

    Don’t You Dare Subscribe Me

    Hail Odin And didn’t u see the receivers can’t catch?

    charles montgomery

    @MarloSoBalJr What game were you watching? There was nothing wrong with his passing game. He clearly threw 4 or 5 balls away to avoid sacks, his receivers dropped 6 or 7 balls, the defense made great plays on 6 or 7 well thrown balls and he threw for 360 yards, so wtf is Hail Odin talking about?

    Rell Facts

    You guys say that but you got two future NFL studs about to play for a National Championship soon in Burrow and Lawrence. We don’t know how they’ll play out when they arrive.


    @skullman cheese Russel Wilson is a scrambling QB, not a running QB…much like Big Ben…running QB’s typically have actual running play designed for them


    @Stuff With Nava to be fair to Jackson, he didnt have that bad of a game..he accounted for 500 yards of offense..thats very good..his TO killed them, but thats where the D has to play better and not let the RB go for nearly 200 yards

Hugo Lopez

When you’re getting destroyed in the first quarter in madden and call your older brother for help

    iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!!

    @Chris McKee you mean all Madden right lol 😂



    William Scott


    Michael Brass

    @iDaRkSaVaGe- !!!! No he meant all pro because he never plays on all Madden

go cats

Stone Cold Steve Austin 5:04

    RoJaDu Bombers

    Fish said “AUSTIN 3:16”!

Mr Psychometrics

Fun fact: qbs dont play against other qbs.

    dre d

    @Charles Stanford the only difference is coaching did you notice a lot of these highlights have Mahomes dumping the ball off and it going for 10+ yards Deshaun doesn’t have that luxury I wish the dude had a real coach instead of carrying a complete clown.


    @Mr Psychometrics fun fact, when a team score 41 UNANSWERED points..its the fault of the QB

    Mr Psychometrics

    @carsonc29 yes thats true you’re correct, but there is also other factors to consider.


    @Mr Psychometrics sure there are, but ultimately, the team goes where the QB takes it..if Watson was putting up great numbers, then the Texans D would be to blame..but as a QB, when a team scores 41 straight points, its because you havent been able to lead a single drive that ended in points..a lot of Watsons passing yards came when the score was outta control

    Mr Psychometrics

    @carsonc29 you’re right and I agree with you for the most part Watson will take some heat for this. However, I dont blame watson for our lose to the Cheifs. Could he have done better? Absolutety he could have as well as our defense, but I believe the blame goes to our coaches.

Mike S

JJ Watt should retire from Houston and ask to be traded to a better team.

Christopher Law

This gonna be a rivalry for years to come

    Mike S



    We will call it the “Mitchell Trubisky” game


    Yup. Chiefs Texans Ravens three way rivalry.

    Young Kills


Uzair Ashraf

Bill O’ Brien has to go, what a joke of a HC. Texans need to bring in Saleh

    Rico H.


    Bill Belzek

    O’Brien was garbage at Penn State — the guy is a proven bum

Keeping It Real

This what defines legacies. Down by 24 at home Patrick Mahomes did not falter or waiver. He said game time and went out there and threw 4 in the 2nd quarter!! What a legend!!

    OrZo Eeece

    Keeping It Real I watched your Ravens vid yesterday, funny how I see your comment 👍

    dre d

    This more about bad Texans.

    Neil Orear


    James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag - LEgNDofMrRaGER

    @dre d no it’s not lol. Chiefs spank the Texans once again in the playoffs and the Chiefs were also a Dee Fords offsides away from making the SB last year but keep making excuses I guess

MoneyMakinMitch Goaty

Lamar and Deshaun tried to completely carry both of their teams but still lost, very sad to see. Better luck next year.

    James Williams

    @dre d yeah maybe but the chiefs outscored the texans 41 to 7 umm you want to blame coaching for that? Your offense became trash

    dre d

    @James Williams That happens when you don’t have an offensive system the Texans are literally Deshaun or bust this is Andrew Luck and Chuck Pagano all over again.

    Sir_William _III

    James Williams I’ve already said multiple times that I’m not trying to discredit Mahomes, like I said I’m a fan of his. All I’m trying to say is he also has plenty of help, the same way Watson did in his win against Bama and how he has Hopkins and Fuller. Ik the QB gets most of the credit and they should, but it’s not all about them. Idk how else I can explain this

    James Williams

    d  ok whatever and that’s fine but the fact is mahomes scored 28 points in NINE minutes if you want to hate on this man and discredit him that’s your prerogative but the man is great period

    James Williams

    @Sir_William _III yeah ok guy and I’ve stated multiple times I know it’s a team game …and yes mahomes has weapons but so does watson …watson got ALL THE praise comming out of college..they called him the MJ of football. But I’ll leave you with this mahomes scored 28 points when he had the ball in NINE minutes in the second quarter. There are few QBs alive offensive weapons or not that can score that quickly IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL. So you can try to downplay what mahomes did can say any other QB could have done that with his weapons…but guess what they haven’t so again you want to give the credit to his teammates fine they deserve some credit of course…but the chiefs do not win that game WITHOUT mahomes period point blank.

king zae

Let’s go cheifs I would have been pissed if the AFC championship would be Texans and titans

    Get Offended

    I wouldn’t.

Matthew Shortle

The duel between the 2 QBs the Bears should’ve drafted


    @Keenan Nash such a stupid need to bring race into this..guess the Bears have never drafted anyone black before huh….moron

    Michael Brass

    … name a melanated bears quarterback in the last hundred years?

    Michael Brass

    @carsonc29 I can’t…


    @Michael Brass your whiny excuse would only make sense if the Bears only drafted white for every position…but seeing as how they have drafted black players, your excuse makes no sense..

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