Travis Kelce’s MONSTER Day vs. Texans | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Travis Kelce’s MONSTER Day vs. Texans | NFL 2019 Highlights

Travis Kelce has a huge day in the AFC Divisional with 134 yards and 3 touchdowns vs. Houston. The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Austin Blair

That man made up for every pass he dropped

Chris Paul point god

When he retire what rank is he gonna be amongst tightends?

    Scott Vermiliion

    Hes on Like his 4th 1000+ yard season in a row…dudes an absolute beast and looks like he has atleast another 5 years if not 10

    Roman Jasso

    The best

    Dymond Piper


    JB 1994

    At this rate and his age, I would not be surprised if he is 2nd only to Gonzales in yards and receptions when he hangs up his cleats. HoFer 99.9%

    Shams Shams

    10th – 12th

rc cola

Hee hee

Eder Cabrera

Chiefs vs 49ers is what we all wanna see

    Ahmad Turner

    Big Time Superbowl, but those Titans are scary. I mean their QB only threw for 160 yards in their two games combined and they still won with their running game. Chiefs,…No Lamar, no Brady, only some guy named Tannehill now stands in your way of a Superbowl Bid

    Garrett Peitz

    Yeah, and Joe Montana on the toss would be grand




    Titans are very good and control the clock well, but the x factor will be the fact that even if they eat up the clock these boys can get down the field so fast. Titans can’t win in a play from behind game. Derick Henry will have a field day on this defense but will take longer to get down the field…my prediction Kansas City….49ers superbowl.

Loyal Philly fan

And y’all saying Kittle is better than this guy? Lol


    he is

    Daniel Coronado

    As a Rams fan I gotta say kittle is better.


    Kelce is a better route runner and receiver, but Kittle is a better blocker

    Xavier Duke

    Gabe kittle is better after the catch

    Tyler Hildreth

    Xavier Duke he’s the best route running TE ever. Kittle might be the best blocking TE that is actually a monster in receiving as well. Kittle doesn’t have the route tree Kelce does though.

Fun Chiefs

Kelce the goat


KC Fans: They had us in the first quarter, not gonna lie

    Matt Parker

    And then 7 straight TDs

    Sam C

    Yeah everyone was booing at the end of the first quarter at their own team lol

yoot ube

Texans:up 24-0
Defense:I think our job is done


Kelce>Skittle I mean Kittle

    Xavier Duke

    Krufu Drufu do you think George kittle is a fluke too? After his 2nd straight 1000 yard season in only 3 years in the nfl? Surpassing the most yards by a tightend in his first three seasons and only made the playoffs this year.

    Krufu Drufu

    @Xavier Duke yeah IMO Kittle is a better blocking TE but Kelce is a better receiver

    Also when the hell did I day he was a fluke, stop putting words in my mouth

    Xavier Duke

    Krufu Drufu I didn’t put anything in your mouth simply asked a question because you down played the fact that kittle OWNS the record now regardless of what kelce did

    Xavier Duke

    Krufu Drufu kittle is also better with the ball in his hands it’s literally almost impossible for DBs to tackle him ask the saints … he runs people over

    Yungfly Gaming

    Only niner fans will say kittle is better just look at the numbers

The Gully Farm

Just so you know.

It’s Dirty Dan Sorenson.

    Shana Jennings

    Dan did em DIRTY!!

Keeping It Real

This what defines legacies. Down by 24 at home Patrick Mahomes did not falter or waiver. He said game time and went out there and threw 4 in the 2nd quarter!! What a legend!!

    Nathan Hargrove

    Keeping It Real unlike lamar lmao


    Against the worst secondary in the league lmal

    Butch Davis

    dont listen to the haters either, Lamar is the truth. Cant wait to see Lamar vs Mahomes pt 3!

    SBs Biscuit

    31 for 59 lmao


    Lamar is a superb QB, as is Mahomes.

Deandre Smith

Mahomes is the greatest qb of all time.

    Krufu Drufu

    Hes the best in the league but all time is definitely pushing it

    Arn Martin

    Stay that again so they can hear you in the back

    Butch Davis

    man…can we let him at least play in a SB first?

    Arn Martin

    Krufu Drufu yeah his not all time his all time all time and more

    Arn Martin

    thelegendsqb1 he is already 🥴

LiveWireRed B.

Kelce better get a ring this year. Beast.

saucy mix

dont know why people act like he isnt clearly the best TE in football

    Camden Jackson

    Because Kittle had one insane play against the Saints so he’s overhyped


    @Camden Jackson chill out. Kittle is up there with Kelce. They are both top 2

    Smack Ish

    They both good but kelce been doing it longer

Shana Jennings

Mahomes should be back in the convo for MVP.

    Nunya Bizness

    regular season MVP is done with. Maybe a super bowl MVP which is a lot better!

Junior Fuiava

by far the best tight end in football. straight baller

    Xavier Duke

    Junior Fuiava kittle has done it the last two years but he is also and elite blocker and is better with the ball in his hands. After the saints game everyone was in the comments saying kittle now it’s kelce again I guess it doesn’t really matter

    Junior Fuiava

    @Xavier Duke its all preference. you really cant go wrong with either. just been a fan of his since cincinatti is all. and kelce can block i dont get where people think he cant. maybe not as good as kittle but still.

    Xavier Duke

    Junior Fuiava I didn’t say he couldn’t block but George kittle is a different bread when it comes to blocking as a tightend. Dude is pushing people 10 yards down the field no joke. I think he’s the better all around tightend because he has that in his game

    Xavier Duke

    Junior Fuiava you’re right thoe it’s all bout preference Kansas City runs a much different offense than The Niners so they’re used differently

    JB 1994

    Gotta say Kittle tbh. Kittle is not only a better receiver after the catch but is like the 2nd coming of Gronk when it comes to that along with blocking ability. It’s no question why PFF has had Kittle as the highest rated TE in back to back seasons.

Jeffrey Mill

Best tight end in the league..
After his drop on first drive he went off.
They did not show the penalties he forced the D to make…

KingJamie The Mad

If MOJO was cake… kelce would have to be brought to games on a forklift


Kelce came in with an injured knee and hammy

hes the best in the game

Raymond Perez

I wanna see Chiefs vs Packers. Its been 50 yrs since theyve went together and why not see it with the best qb in NFL history


    In NFL’s 100th season would see like fate

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