Robert Quinn On Season Ending: It’s Frustrating | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hear Ye Its King J

Hope he comes back.

Paul Tomlin

And Garret still has his job at this hour. Smh.


    Don’t worry, his last day is Wednesday.

    Aj Retana

    @Mister oh, well that’s gud


    @Mister Inside info?? I hope so ..a coaching change is long overdue


    Craig77 Jay Glazer reported last night his contract expires Wednesday and they aren’t planning on extending him.. Jane Slater tweeted his contract isn’t up until the 13th tho… They’re having meetings with the coaching staff right now so we will probably hear something today.


    @Mister Thanks for the info

Marcus E Curtis

I sure hope comes back

True Gooner

Gotta say, what a signing Quinn was. Not great in the run game, but man, this man can still rack up the sacks. Used to always trade for him in Madden back in his St. Louis days.

Ohsaint p

Robert. You did great. Low paid but did great work. Unlike that bum DLaw.

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