Blake Jarwin On His Role If Witten’s Final Season | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jarwin is the starter moving into the next season.

Owen Chang

I see the cowboys drafting a tight end in the draft

    True Gooner

    @Brian Daniel Saw him suck in preseason… he was terrible. That’s not developing. He doesn’t progress through reads… and he also doesn’t have a strong arm. So all those lead me to believe, he hasn’t progressed. Before the season kicked off, there was serious doubt he could be counted on and we hedged our bet that Dak would just stay healthy.

    lil cj

    We need to draft a damn space eating 1tech.

    True Gooner

    @lil cj To do that, Marinelli needs to leave. Because marinelli doesn’t value a poor 1 tech. Even Trysten Hill who was drafted in the 2nd rd, was only drafted because of his versatility in pass rushing. Not eating blocks… because let’s be real, Hill isn’t built for that.

    lil cj

    @True Gooner which brings me to my next point Rod needs to go as well. We went from running a scheme too difficult to learn with Rob Ryan to a scheme that a 3rd yr college qb can decipher. We are far to predictable on defense. If u could just line up 4 guys and turn them loose every play no one in the league would ever blitz. We have 0 creativity on defense. I can respect how hard Rod gets the guys to play but that cant be the only thing he offers. We needed a Snacks Harrison type last year that’s why the rams punked us out. He can say whatever he wants about value for position idc. U build your defense inside out becuase the most important thing when it comes to defense is stopping the run 1st. Jaylen and LVE wont reach their full potential until we have some big boys in the middle to keep olineman off of them.

Siraj P

Give that boy the ball more! I luv Witten but my goodness Blake shoulda been on the field more.

Saul Tarsus

I love Witten but its time to move on….If Witten stays he should be in a back up role…

Interpol Individuals

Jarwin for starter.

True Gooner

Jarwin should’ve had a starting role. Biggest knock on Jarwin is he’s pretty bad at blocking… but we’re in the modern NFL… some TE’s don’t do any blocking. Witten’s blocking was meh all season anyways… at least you get big play ability, at least you get a serious threat down the middle. Instead we trotted out Witten to drop balls, and move at a turtle’s pace up the field while getting 5 yards on a 3rd and long. C’mon. It’s INSANE to me that this team basically ignored better players, ignored terrible coaching (special teams)… in a MAKE OR BREAK YEAR.

Saul Tarsus

I do disagree with him though,there was some obvious games this year that the team layed down…

Dan Evans

It’s Jarwins turn. He’s an understudy 👨🏻‍🎓for a reason. Reguardless of his big play 🏈potential. He’s a great athlete🤾‍♂️, and its definitely not the last time we see this kid. DC4L. I believe in this team, and always will.🏈🏆👑💔👍

C•0•2 Designs

This guy could be the Next George Kittle but better I really believe that

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