Dak Gets Emotional Discussing Jason Garrett & Disappointing 2019 Season | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Eric Carmona


    EXotic Nova

    @Rod stop being so high hopes yall not going anywhere

    Jim Van Nutt

    Maybe so but they beat the Cowboys when it counted.

    EXotic Nova

    @Jim Van Nutt 37-10

    EXotic Nova

    @Jim Van Nutt 37-10

Alexander AR

I want Dak as my QB, everything about him is solid

    Rich Muttsmusic


    Rich Muttsmusic

    David Parkes it’s Zeke’s fault lol. To much undisputed for you bro. Rather not banter with bias fans. Nice talking to you have a great new year. Be blessed.

    Sticks N Stones

    Michael D the O line isn’t what it used to be? Last season they allowed 56 sacks, this season they allowed 23 ! You Cowboys fans are always full of excuses but lacking in facts! Morons, the whole lot of yas!


    David Parkes chokers? Yikes man.

Bryant Panteah

With our luck Jerry Jones is gonna let the best coaches get picked then say Garrett is the best one available.

    Bryant Panteah

    @Brian Waller Just like not drafting any of them BAMA boys , drives me crazy..



    West World

    Garrett is just a puppet HC. JJ is the reason the cowboys failed this year.

    JJ made Kellen Moore the OC … when Jon Kitna should have been.

    JJ allowed Rod Marienelli to run his predictable D all season long.

    JJ chose to keep Zeke when the Cowboys could have traded him for Jalen Ramsey or Minka Fitzpatrick to help the D.

    JJ …. runs the Cowboys his way with his puppet Coeaches. JJ is responsible for the Cowboys sucking for 25 years. He wants to be a great owner, GM & HC.

    Darrin Coolie

    Jerry sucks I wouldn’t doubt it

Ferman Jackson Jr

We need a coach that gets in the players face and not clapping on the sidelines.

    Mike Killagreen


    Gabriel Espinoza

    @Cha Ant bro look at Nick saban when bama is in the championship games. Dude let’s his guys have it

    Cha Ant

    @Gabriel Espinoza you’re talking about College football! That’s not the NFL… That’s a whole new level! How many people play college football but never make it to the NFL on because they don’t have the talent to! You have to understand this… the players that get drafted or end up in the NFL are among some of the best athletes that walk this Earth. Some of them are freaks of Nature’s when it comes to their athleticism… college is a dime a dozen… that’s why college coaches don’t belong in the NFL and that’s why they don’t take jobs in the NFL. Now there are a couple exceptions here and there but the majority of them won’t make it and those are facts.

    safety guy 101

    @Philip DuBeau its not the secondary bub its the defensive line underachieving and not being able to get after the qb on every play. When the def tackles and ends do there job the secondary shines..the problem this season has been the DTs and the defensive line over all.

Chad Cook

“Has nothing do to with a contract or money” well hopefully this is true and they can sign him and coop

    Henry Hill

    @used 2be I agree 1000% plus Gallup better and cheaper

    Jacob Benke

    @koolmoe1971 Really? I’m a Cowboys fan but your not being realistic. He had a bunch of garbage time stats. When it mattered he was awful. Look at the Philly game. That wasn’t on the coaches, Dak was awful.

    Tuan Nguyen

    @Jacob Benke I agreed with you 100%.

    Jordan Smith

    Honestly let’s franchise dak and get the pieces in there. Everyone else needs paid first. Then dak can get his big money next year

    Jordan Smith

    Tuan Nguyen no better idea would be to franchise dak. Sign coop long term, Byron as well and Cobb for another 1-2 year contract. That will open money for the defense this offseason

Fareese 24

what a professional dak is ! I’m glad kids look up to this guy

    IZW Sports

    Raiders 420 a lot of talent is still loose usually translates to coaching 🤣🤣 dak talented receivers lead the league in drops 🥱 Derek Carr ain’t even a top 15 qb and he’s the third best qb in his division he’s nowhere near dak lmaoo

    The Don

    Raiders 420 CARR FUCKING SUCKS

Ruben Benitez


    Yahya Ahmed


    Carl Rogers

    Cowboys for life

    Carlson Baylor

    Carlton Baylor love my BOY’S DC4L

    king 28

    Ruben Benitez and you will always be disappointed 😂

    Ruben Benitez

    @king 28 as of right now i ain’t pissed it’s just ppl or haters will be talking and u will be deleted

Michael Francis

I’ll cry with you Dak, Romo did it so let those tears of join flow.

Christopher Williams

Thanks Dak for being a loyal.

    Creepy Closet

    @Raiders 420 his high passing yards per year show that at the very least he’s accurate. The cowboys can at least improve while the raiders will have a couple more losing seasons in a row even with gruden

    Raiders 420

    @Creepy Closet Cowgirls have PEAKED. How can they get any better???

    Raiders 420

    @Creepy Closet Dallas did that with a top 5 roster and STILL couldn’t make the Superbowl. Gtfoh your team has peaked. Go change your tampon and listen to skip Bayless 😂😂😂

Jonathan Choun

Man, Dak is very humble, you just love to see it. It’s so refreshing to hear. What a great guy, tough QB as well. Hope he gets paid! I hope Dak works hard this offseason and starts hitting his targets in stride!

Tom /

10 Years for nothing..
Fire Garrett 🙄

Ralph Palantine

Respect from an eagles fan. Dak is awesome. And it’s rare I like a cowboy lol

    South Jersey Bear

    @Jeff Holland
    You mad bro ? 😂

    themememan 69

    Thx bro, but I’m glad cause Jason Garrett just got fired🥳 and I have respect for you too

    Jeff Holland

    South Jersey Bear yes

    John Kendall

    He was the best player Philly had…

    Scott Sullivan

    Awesome? When he threw that game against eagles.🤦 to get rid of jason Garrett. 🤦Dak i snake i want him gone!!!!!

Dan Evans

Ed Werder seems like he always asks REAL questions…..Great reporter and old school. Class act.

Joe King

Been a Cowboys fan since the 70’s and this has to be one of the most frustrating seasons considering the talent they had on this team.

    Viking Child

    Tom Landry is gone my friend

Jeff Holland

If you have to depend on a team losing so you can make the playoffs than you definitely did something wrong! Take care of business and everything else will fall into place!

Kym Nishi

Class act! Proud to have him as our QB!

Alvin Riley

Love the way he looks after his team wow

Erfan Hamza

Love Dak, its alright, we got it next season

    shawn pimpin

    Yall say that every year😂😂😂

themememan 69


Kenneth Harris

Feeling like T.O did…fighting back tears….” He’s my quarterback, You can point your finger at him but it’s unfair, we lost as a team man😭’

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