Jason Witten: “An Opportunity of a Lifetime” | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Michael G

He loves the team so much man, we need a ring for him

    True Gooner

    He needs to retire and let the younger, more athletic TE’s get the reps… something Witten isn’t able to allow.

    Saad Syed

    He could become the Tight Ends coach


    He needs to retire

    Rich Muttsmusic

    True Gooner ✌️

Tha Body Incorporated

God bless u brother Witten! Thanks for everything u did for the Team


Wit should retire and become the Te coach let the younger guys play.

Randy Black

Team needs to cut some of the garrett guys

Randy Black

Jerry runs the team like to many of the players are in the family business

Jeff Flank

Warrior on the field,role model on and off the field.If this is it next stop Canton Ohio.🤠

Philip Faulkner

Jerry has cost this guy at least four legitimate shots at a ring

Lands End

✊ so many memories with you witten. I grew up with you and I will always keep your jersey. And maybe someday pass it on to my son.

zavier Armani

Much respect from a die hard Philly fan. Great player and great man. Enjoy your retirement


Jarwin needs to be next starter. Time for Witt to hang it up

    Brandon Gibson

    Jarwin can’t block

    Matt Leggett

    I love and respect the hell outta wit but I agree it’s time the jarwin show and he can learn how to be a better blocker but you cant teach his talent plain and simple

Chris Franco

#82 a legend

Lewis Gignac

One more season please, different coach different plays Witten I have faith, you and Romo deserve a ring! 😭😭

Ryu Hayabusa

Witten was a great player. It’s a shame that the era of Romo, Witt, Dez, and D Ware didn’t win a championship.


As a Cowboys fan, I hope he doesn’t return. He is literally holding back Jarwin and Schultz in their progression

Notaliberal Fromcali

Good man… Love this guy


Another wasted season of talent during the Jason Garrett era

Stanley Cates

NFL not for long greatest show on earth I love the game very emotional Tom Landry Jimmy Johnson hiring and firing can get very nasty

O.T Beats


Agnes Abear

Jason Witten.. a class act and a great Cowboy

Ricardo Gonzalez

Go with saints patriots or even ravens he has more chances to wins ting there than in Dallas

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