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West Texas Nomad

You’ve missed the playoffs 6 out of 9 seasons. This change is way overdue

Bockness Monster

Finally, the last time we have to hear, “obviously it’s a disappointment. We played a good football team, but we need to play better. We’re going to have to move on and do better next week.”

    Neil Hernandez

    Idk about that man, dak just praised jason on his postgame interview, not just that but with the cowboys destroying the Redskins, big chance that jerry will use that as ammo, to keep Jason Garrett around for the future.

    Eric Pineda

    @Neil Hernandez oh man 💔 how silly Jerry need to be to put that on the table against almost a decade of FAIL.

    Bockness Monster

    @Neil Hernandez yeah, and once Garrett is fired, well only have to listen to Dak defend Garrett through gritted teeth one more time. He’ll defend him one more time after he is fired, because he want a new contract and will be on his best behavior.


Out of our hands after we blew it every other game so yeah wasnt on us

Los Boiis

It’s hard to take pride in your team with a record like this

    Immortal Arts

    Los Boiis bullshit I take pride in my team win lose or draw!

Antonio Sanchez

At the end of the day this is a man like all of us who goes to work everyday to put some food on the table and for that nothing but respect to him. With that said the Dallas Cowboys are in the business of football in a league that’s about winning Superbowls and unfortunately Jason Garrett has not delivered so it is beyond obvious and necessary that the Cowboys must move on! Good luck to you Coach Garrett!

    Brenda Fain

    @Tony Garcia Well said my friend. Well said.

    Ruperto Belenfante II

    Good job coach , 1

    Antonio Sanchez

    Tony Garcia in love? Uhm ok! Its called respect buddy find yourself some.

    Antonio Sanchez

    Kevin McCarthy agree 100%

joe s

Let me guess, more execution and giving up chunk plays?

EyeGreen -

Go make the giants a slightly better football team we won’t miss you I assure that🤣


Get Jerry on meds and fire garret

Billy Gunns

I’m sure Garrett’s a great guy outside of football, loved by his family and community. But as head coach of my Dallas Cowboys, he is the poster boy of mediocrity. That’s unacceptable.

    Concrank 123

    Billy Gunns you are right, he can go to the giants

    Scotty Hong

    @Concrank 123 starts with Jerry Jones need to have a coach that does whatever he says

anthony loza

He had a lot of energy in his last interview 🤔


    Yes, i kinda got that feeling as well. Where was this energy all season?

    Jesse Gonzalez

    Cause he knows it’s his last interview as Cowboys coach

    Jimmy Cline

    He’s desperate now, because he know his time has run out! I’m so pissed that Jerry Jones kept him so damn long! I thought the same thing, he sounded very dorky! I wish him the best of luck, but I feel like he has wasted so much time for litterly nothing, not even one NFC Championship game! The Packers, 49rs, Steelers,Giants have all been back to the super bowl since the 90s, but not the Dallas Cowboys! 🤮

Tha Body Incorporated

Your a really nice guy Garrett! God bless you! Good luck on your next team

Javier Torres

“ out of our hands “ how bout you do your job and be better dam couch godamit just put in your 2 weeks notice . Out of our hands ? All season? WOW


“it was out of our hands” pffff it was within your hands the whole season until last week and you couldn’t deliver, good bye my friend

Shane B.

“It was out of our hands.”

It was literally in your hands for weeks. But you failed to take care of business, again and again and again. This guy sounds tone deaf.

    Russell Jennings

    Shane B. Been in their hands all year. This guy. Can’t wait for him to be gone.

    Dead Lion

    I cringed when he said That

    used 2be

    Dak is same way. They just go thru lip service. Tired of it both need to go

    Ricky Garcia

    Who does he think he is fooling???

    Immortal Arts

    He was only referring to that particular game guys.


As Head Coach of The Dallas Cowboys Your Time Has Come .


“So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night”

jermaine 86

I would have fired him after the jets loss…

    Edward Sivells Jr.

    jermaine 86 Exactly!

Classic Reaction

Garrett: Talks about “standing tall” for ten minutes…..
Reporter: “Do you think you’ve done that this year?”
Garrett: “Done what?”

Absolutely clueless, pre-programmed robot that just spouts all these great sounding words but with no real substance or fight or grit within him. This team is truly a reflection of this coach.

Doc Holliday

“It was out of our hands.”

What a joke and a lack of accountability!

Charlie Handsome

“How we doing guys” 😂😂😂

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