Jaylon Smith: Utmost Respect of Jason Garrett | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Clint Redmon

Definitely did not make any fans happy this year…go spend that big check since that’s all its about anymore.

A Lee Jackson

If u have a helluva team, how do u finish mediocre 8-8?

Alfredo Jesus Melendez III

Great leader.. great person.. thanks for believing in coach jaylon Smith


The coaches are supposed to put players in positions where they can help the team win. While I like the coaching staff more than the average cowboys fans a lot of players in defense were out of position on defense taking poor angles on tackles.

Imo the cowboys need a totally new focused command. This all was supposed to happen a long long time ago.

go for it. Guzman

these guys are NOT made accountable for bad play…period!

Michael G

I hate to be the one to say it , I love jaylon but boy did he miss a lot of tackles that cost us

Mog Wi

Jaylon looks like he’s ready to get on a private plane and go on vacation as soon as he leaves the building. Crap happens in a season, sometimes you just arent as successful as youd like to be….but is it too much to ask for players to be angry, disappointed or have some kind of emotion about their missed opportunities?


I don’t want to hear this wack sad talk these players need to be accountable too just like the coach fire Garrett Urban Mayer come in handle business

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