Michael Gallup: Momentum Into The Off-Season | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Felix Rodriguez

Momentum ? Against DEADskins lmao yea okay

Seanthetanker Awesomeness

what you guys need to work on is not turning around to fast and we need to not drop passes so just work on that because we have an amazing team were just not showing it

Seanthetanker Awesomeness

and we also need to respond to the diffrent weather situations thats why we lost the pats game

Aaron Aguilar

Y’all getting better! Go Cowboys!

Dan Evans

Above my pay grade?💰💵💰💵 Maybe on his current rookie deal. Kid knows how to ball🏈 for sure🤾‍♂️. He’s gotta sure up on the drops🏈. Which he will with maturity and experience👍. He’s gonna make serious bank💵💰 on his next contract. I think in time Michael will be a true #1. DC4L. 👑🏆💔

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