Rick Spielman Goes In-Depth On Christian Darrisaw Selection, Sets Stage For Trading into Round Two – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Rick Spielman Goes In-Depth On Christian Darrisaw Selection, Sets Stage For Trading into Round Two

Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman talked with vikings.com’s Gabe Henderson after round one of the 2021 NFL Draft and selecting Virginia Tech T Christian Darrisaw.

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Zak Taube

Rick is one of the best in the business. Hope he sticks around for years!


    I bet you think the Chiefs have the best GM in all of football because he drafted Patrick Mahomes once.

    Chuck Norris

    @BHM what a moronic and completely irrelevant assumption

    Anthony Kretsch

    @Mel Pinckney a lot actually.

    Steven Hickey

    yeah i love .500 football!!! 8-8, 8-7-1, 7-9, 8-8,..etc,..etc. Your a fool.

    Anthony Kretsch

    @Steven Hickey I love it when people make typos on their disses. You’re* the fool. 10-6, 13-3, 11-5… See I can write records too.

Dallas Clark

Slide Cleveland to LG, put Udoh in at RG and I think you got a solid oline.

    Kurt Wagner

    Better yet draft some actual guards in the second or third rounds

    Yannick Dellaert

    Well Cleveland actually IS a guard. Has been one in highschool and college for the longest time.

    This is false information sorry he is an LT who is pretty solid at guard

    Dallas Clark

    @Yannick Dellaert guess I should have clarified, slide Ezra Cleveland to LG


    @Yannick Dellaert He played Tackle and was drafted at that position????

    Yannick Dellaert

    @BHM Yeah Im sorry I was wrong. But he played quite well at guard last year right?

Justin Naranjo

Honestly, what a freaking STEAL!

    Apple Jack

    We just passed on the best running since Berry Sanders Alabama running back is going to be a Hall of Famer

NorthStars the Steagle

let’s get boogie bashum now!

I wanna talk to Sampson

What a steal . Got the 3rd best OL in the draft @ 23 while grabbing 2 extra third round picks. Plenty of ammo to recoup that 2nd round pick we wasted on yannick last season

    DBSaucce !

    but remember its a 3rd rounder dontb expect a player like penei swell will be there


    @DBSaucce ! Did you not hear what he said? He said the 3rd rounders can be used to trade up to the 2nd round… Plus remember who we took in the 3rd round last year. Cam Dantzler.

    Matthew Erickson

    @BHM And Ezra Cleveland was a 2nd round pick.


    @Matthew Erickson Yup

    DBSaucce !

    @BHM its not like it will 100% work

Javier Lopez

Big shoutout to Gabe Henderson! He’s doing a great job as one of the faces of VEN

    David Kim

    U guys r lucky to have him. He was good for washington football team

Ivo Eenink

You’re the man Spielman!

Gilles LeBelle

Wow .protection for Kirk
. Nice

    Apple Jack

    Should have kept Tyler Henike

Lingo Wop GBF

Sticky Ricky you dirty dawg … & we got 4 3rd rounders !! Well done .

Lingo Wop GBF

Please get into the second round & select EDGE ! Or WR3 !

7th Orisha

Gabe just keeps giving! Keep up the awesome work🍾 And of course Coach Zimmer would call Rick “trader Rick”.😆

Bradley Schneider

Trade up get your QB in the second or a very good wr still on the board,great lbacker still there too,I know everyone wants another offense lineman with there next pick but realistically we need to address other holes on the team.

Joshua Bunkers

Tricky-Ricky Spielman is really, really, good at what he does.

    HOODxPOPE 3259

    Rick the FLEECELORD Spielman will get us a Super Bowl soon

    Apple Jack

    We need a big running back now Cook is injured all the time

    Apple Jack

    Disaster gm

    HOODxPOPE 3259

    @Apple Jack Lol this guy^^ good joke dalvin is ELITE we still have mattison too derp

Scurfy Ninja

Can we get Patrick surtain who somehow fell into round two!?

    Scurfy Ninja

    Oh shi nvm🤣

Clinton Reisig

Grade A pick! 😃 SKOL!

Casey James

Since Kirk Cousins is the guy draft another top Receiver and play Kirk Cousins more in Shotgun with 3 Receiver spread mixing it up with slants and deep routes

Tom L

I have been watching vikings drafts with Spielman for years. You wait, he will start trading his third round picks for later round picks. He loves to have lots of 7th rounders instead a fewer early rounders. They pull this stunt every year.

TinFoil Vegan

It would be sweet to get an O-line coach in for a segment where he breaks down some Derrisaw tape, so we can learn how he fits.

Tom Jones

Stick & Pick! I like the odds of finding a gem a lot better with four 3rds than giving away a few to have one 2nd.

Apple Jack

We need a bigger running back Cook is hurt all the time

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