VEN Studio Reaction and Analysis: Minnesota Vikings Select Christian Derrisaw | 2021 NFL Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

VEN Studio Reaction and Analysis: Minnesota Vikings Select Christian Derrisaw | 2021 NFL Draft

VEN’s Gabe Henderson, Team Reporter Eric Smith and Vikings Analyst Ron Johnson react to the selection of Christian Derrisaw in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Bryan Koecher

I’m first! DARRISAW!! Woop woop!

Bryan Koecher


Josh Moore


Ryan damon


Impractical Jokers Fan



Ezra needs to go to left guard. he is naturally a left tackle so if they keep him at guard he at least needs to switch back to ther blindside

    ArCh Cryptic

    Tried him at LG and stunk, he was really good for a rookie LT playing opposite at RG, so I wouldn’t mess with it. Find a LG to eventually replace dozier in the 3rd or 4th is priority now. (Zimmer probably starts Dozier, as much as I hate it)


Trade up in the 2nd and get Teven Jenkins to play LG. He’s played both sides of the ball and were set!


    Goodness that would be so nice

    João Victor Mendes

    Yesss 🔥


    After being a Vikings fan since Warren Moon days….That would make waaaay to much sense for this organization!!! Lol

    Samuel Siedschlag

    I agree! Cleveland could slide over to left guard, and Jenkins at right guard.

danni phantom

The Vikings draft best in the 20ths

    Mitchell Rauscher

    That’s actually very true

    Mitchell Rauscher

    It’s almost like we tense up and get flustered when we pick early on cuz of the amount of options

    NoJuan Holmes

    @Mitchell Rauscher it’s almost like the hit rate on draft picks is under 50% in the first round and we substantially beat the average

    Mitchell Rauscher

    @NoJuan Holmes it’s almost like idc and didn’t ask because I wasn’t being serious

Chris Larson

Still need 2 more offensive linemen

    Kenneth Warren

    Two? We just need a LG now.

    NoJuan Holmes

    @Kenneth Warren hit rate is less than 100% better grab 4 OL and a handful of UDFAs if we need 2 total. And if it doesn’t work out Dennison got some ‘Splainin to do

    Apple Jack

    We need a big running back Cook is hurt all the time

    NoJuan Holmes

    @Apple Jack I think Derrick Henry proved in this cyclical game that when you have undersized linebackers to keep up with the elite TEs and WRs and pass catching RBs, you can maul people with Alstott type of backs. Bring back the oversized shoulder pads and get a monster RB or Fullback and go spread formation to force defense to stay light and just let him get a running start

Jason Kellogg

Alright, good pick. Now all we need is another guard and a new center – ones that can pass block.

Allan Mack


Darion Allen


    Darion Allen


Eryc Kaliniak

Draft Wyatt Davis!

NoJuan Holmes

What if VIkings just trade down for 2 additional picks and trade one of those 2 picks down for 2 additional picks and keep doing that and half of the picks they trade for 2022 picks a round earlier and the other half they draft and just repeat every year as draft capital grows steadily over time.

Nick Irvine


Bald Hero

We seriously need a solid backup QB for the future. MOND or TRASK would be good for development

    Apple Jack

    They need a big running back

    cody iremonger

    Kellen Mond aaallllll day long

Anthony Loyola

I cannot listen to that guy

Apple Jack

#22 running back from Alabama was is best pick Cook and #22 would have been crazy

Eric Larson

Gimme on of those Alabama lineman. Those guys are BUILT DIFFERENT

Casey James

The Minnesota Vikings Philosophy is cover the spread and do just enough to be Good but not the best🤦‍♂️

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