Christian Darrisaw: I Know I’m Not The Player I Can Be Yet, It’s Really Going to Get Scary – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Christian Darrisaw: I Know I’m Not The Player I Can Be Yet, It’s Really Going to Get Scary

T Christian Darrisaw talked with’s Gabe Henderson after being selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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First. LETS GO!


That was a great trade back! Welcome Darrisaw SKOL!

Rylan Frost

It has definitely hit him that he is a NFL player he is way more energetic then the first interview

    Hjll V FYI jj no ivy

    He better be a hall of famer. All he has to do is block.. not that hard

Jesse James

I like this guy fr!! Skol!

Vikings Spin

Thrilled with this pick! #SKOL

Ethan Griffith

Much better than his first interview but still not feeling great about what we’re seeing. Like that call with Rick spielman sounded brutal.

    bill hicks

    People react different though. Sometimes stuff like this can be surreal. You work and work and then one day they’re calling your name in the first round of the NFL draft, you’re taking phonecalls from Rick and Zim, doing interviews all night. That can be overwhelming. What counts is the work he puts in on and off the field. I’m happy to have him.


No, no, no! Don’t say that, Christian. Now Dennison will ruin you with his awful OL coaching 😥

    Luke Logan

    For real we keep drafting young lineman who could use a better OL coach

    YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

    This is the same coach that put together a top 5 offense and coordinated one of the best running games in the league. The problem hasn’t been run blocking. It’s been pass protection. Cousins was the 2nd most pressured QB in the NFL last year. The pass protection is what needs major work. Thankfully Darrisaw is a better protector than run blocker.

    Sione Aonga

    @YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety the film doesnt lie. It doesnt make sense that the Oline can continue to make the same technical mistakes every game. That has got to be a coaching issue. Sometimes they look lost out there. Even in the running game. Dalvin is just so good we don’t notice it. That is the only scary thing about Darrisaw is his technique needs much work and hopefully Dennison can help him with that. I guess theres only one way to find out

Tyler Hawthorne

Bro block out the hate and grind be the HOF you’re suppose to be and help bring a SB to MN!!💯

Bennet A

I like Darrisaw! Think he was nervous when he got the call! Will be great for us

    360 chicken scope

    I think everyone is nervous when they get the call

Smitty Werben Jaggerman-Jensen

Fired up, great guy. Happy he is in Minnesota!

Also Gabe is the Perfect Moderator Here give him a Rise 💰💰

Mick Holohan

Welcome Christian

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety

Could this mean the end of the more undersized, mobile, and “athletic “ O lineman the Vikings have gone after the past few seasons?? Zimmer finally said tonight they wanted to get bigger on the O line to combat the teams with the massive D fronts like Green Bay, Chicago, Philadelphia, and KC. Sounds like they’re tired of getting stuffed by guys like Cox, Clarke, Hicks and Jones. Bradbury has this year to prove himself.

DBSaucce !

damn rick is really slick lol

capri sun



love this pick and i’m so glad we got extra ammo to get into the second round. a lot of our best players are day 2 picks. traded down and still got our guy. i’m happy it’s not AVT

Clinton Reisig

SKOL!!! 😃


I like this guy already put him in purple💜💛

TlocTheRandom1 Jones

Idc what work you put In off the field as long as you don’t let Kirk get hit then we talking

Joe S

Vikings need to fire their OL coach!

    Connor Spiess

    Yeah. I honestly think we don’t draft bad offensive linemen. I think we just suck at developing them



    7th Orisha

    Then he’ll go elsewhere to win a SB just as the rest. Better fire your qb first.

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