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Packer Power

We will smash New Orleans in the divisional.


    Mr. Toxic thank you


    W brees cant play in cold weather


    Packer Power Ya we are gonna destroy saints. We might even win the super bowl

    John Pritzlaff

    @Mr. Toxic thank you

Ja La

Thank you…


Go pack go!

Ben Chrisoit

Fire West


The saints are going doooowwwwn


    AGK927 ? We don’t even play this wknd

Tony Waters

Go pack go. Make those people on television shut up. They give you no respect.

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Go Pack Go!!!!

Mike Kamaleddine

We are gonna die in the playoffs


    Fake fan

    Mike Kamaleddine

    talktozay not at all bro lol I just think we need to play WAY better to beat saints or niners


    Mike Kamaleddine nah I’m confident that we at least make it to the nfc championship we might even win the super bowl

Doc Tar

I’m glad Rogers believes they will always score in these close games, because I’m not always so sanguine about their prospects to pull out yet another close victory.

Rick Morrow

The Green Bay Packers now enter the World Famous NFL tournament of one and done. Packer Train is rolling.

Ian O'Rourke

Aaron and the passing game need to tighten up this week. Go Pack Go!


We are gonna win the super bowl

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