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Comeback in Detroit | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes discuss the pieces to the comeback in Detroit, including K Mason Crosby (2:33), the 95-yard TD drive in the third quarter (4:16), the key play on the final drive (6:22), and the subs stepping in on the offensive line (13:50). They also recap the NFC playoff picture (15:30) and the final moments of the San Francisco-Seattle showdown (19:44).

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GB in January baby


Whoa some old highlights are in this video

Daniel Dietsche

Again, the Packers playing to their competition… don’t know if my heart will survive the rest of this football year.

Josh Edmonds

I’m 99% sure Rodgers was all about stats yesterday…he wanted those 4000 yards

Packer Power

We will win our divisional game.

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