Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.29.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.29.19 | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden addresses the media following a 16-15 loss against the Denver Broncos at at Empower Field at Mile High.

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Greg Bam Bam Jackson

Love y’all go RAIDERS


Is anyone fired yet?

    Rob Gonzalez

    @West Coastin’ not really just stating the obvious. Everyone can see it except raiders fans. How was the last home game in oak???? Yeah can’t even win the last game in Oakland 😒

    Joshua scott

    Why sell the teams when the players play like girls 😂😂😂😂

    MAIN Account

    @Rob Gonzalez stfu hop off

    Rob Gonzalez

    @Surfer Bob sure keep telling yourself that. Las Vegas is a smaller market. You will never have home field advantage. Raided fans are so delusional 20 years of being the worst team in football and you act all bad 😂 .. It has been like 10 years since Al died and Mark can’t do anything ??? Al would have never paid gruden that awful contact. How u make 100 million and get beat my guys making an 1/8 of what u make someone is overpaid..

Jose Perales

Traveled near 40K miles, lost Antonio 2 days before first game of the year. Lost Vontaze 4 games into the year. Non existent defense for majority of the year and still got 7 wins (we got cheated out of Jags and Texans wins!) but lots of bright spots! Renfrow is a baller and next year with hopefully a true #1 wr some linebacker and corner help and getting Abrams back we will be set to contend! Stay the course Nation! 🏴‍☠️☠️

    Gene Grode

    Has anyone notice the theme running through these posts? NEXT YEAR! How many years has this statement been used?

    Entourage The Band Bay Area

    Gene Grode you can’t predict injuries and Antonio-itis… they were poised to get in this year … saying next year is a very true statement in this case because of all of the injuries and young talent plus draft picks they have coming in 2020 not to mention all of the key players are locked in contractually. Throw in a brand new stadium and you have a reason to be optimistic if you’re a raider fan. I don’t think they get in at 9-7 so the last 2 losses would have only cost them 8 slots in the draft… the refs may have done them a favor because now they are drafting 12 and 19. This is a 10 win team in 2020 assuming they get to play most of their games in the USA 🇺🇸

    Breyan Donaldson

    Abrams will bring that scary edge to the defense, so excited about seeing him on the field!


    Actually come to think of it the refs literally gifted 3 games to our opponents-this game they gifted Denver an entire drive full of third downs and took away 2 touchdowns from us. Even boomer was like how is that not a touchdown lol.

    Shawn Young

    The Browns Syndrome

James Clary

While I appreciate the optimism here, I’ve been a fan longer than most of you have been alive. I was alive when for decades we were ALWAYS in the playoffs. The last 20 years have SUCKED. Period.

    Just think

    the refs are now the true stars of the NFL. they have more air time than any player. sad.
    the raiders will move to their plastic dome in their new plastic city. the hotels paid for the stadium as they need it for concerts. meanwhile their true fans will continue to buy junk and cry. lol. they controlled the first half and scored 3 pts. 3rd q has been a disaster all season.


    you mean 40 years of suck.. the super bowl loss in 2002 even then the raiders were not regulars in the playoffs

    Im going in and Ima go hard

    @Aaron Gutierrez u have no respect u snot nose idiot. Btw I’m not a boomer.

    J W

    @Im going in and Ima go hard Dude, if you’re going to call people an idiot, the least you can do is spell out “you.” C’mon man.

    Frank Drackman

    As Dana White would say “Don’t leave it in the hands of the referees” he’s right.

Stevie Lakers24

LAMB and SIMMONS let’s run it


    Stevie Lakers24 That’s perfect. Simmons can play everywhere 👍🏽 Lamb is a beast … Jeudy is better deep threat….

    Jay Inquisitive

    Yea I wish Gone and Gone

    dwight deyampert

    I’d put Simmons at safety with Abram.



    Keith Nowak

    Losing in spectacular fashion? As a Raiders fan, I’d say that IS going out in true Raiders fashion.


    Your comment is funny just stfu your team sucks


    KC AGUILAR Next time The Raiders are in contention in the playoffs WE’LL WIN..scrub Chiefs will ALWAYS CHOKE.. You guys get bounced by the Ravens..GUARANTEED.

    stu3Dio Renderings

    @KC AGUILAR Why is it always the worthless Chiefs fans going to Raiders videos or forums to comment? you almost never see many Bronco fans, and you sure as heck never see any Chargers fans talking crap… but these Chiefs fans seem to not have anything better to do with their time in Missourah, than to go on the youtube channel of the Raiders coach’s press conference after a loss, that has absolutely nothing to do with your team. Your team is winning, go enjoy that… why do you have to go waaaaaay out of your way for a snarky comment? Let me guess… there’s really nothing better to do in that state of yours.

Emar'i Smith

Wel can’t say I’m happy we lost not mad we did t win hope we get a good draft spot let’s get it rrrraaaaaiiiiiddddeeerrrrrsssssss

    Zachary Morris

    Bengals 1st pick

    Raiders 12th pick

    And so forth

    Irish Wins

    12th and 19th pick


I like us at two safeties Abram and Harris


    David Johnson i hope so , let’s see if they can get some more secondary help (Grant Delpit) or Byron Jones (Cowboys ) or CB Charles Harris Jr (Denver) Jimmy Smith (Ravens)

    Notorious Modeztrian

    Harris is a special team player! Nothing more!

    Jose Valdovinos

    Notorious Modeztrian wat? Should’ve seen the tackle he made on Waller this guy is still good not great


    Jose Valdovinos Grant Delpit (LSU) would be great replacement or Isaiah Johnson (Clemson) at LB or Safety.


    JOSEVATA DAMUNI If Abrams can stay healthy. The way he plays is scary.

Thomas Latimer

Heck of a Season Coach some bad Officiating but 7-9 is better than a lot of people gave us no credit to win 4-5 we know you’ll build this team

Trouble Fallenangel

I know this we ahead by 1 year in the Rebuilding process and if we get another draft like 2019 we going go from 7 wins too 14 wins and definitely be a beast,i know since 2002 we had had one 12-4 season about 1.5 million QB but 2020 is going be a 14-2 season with atleast 9 more like that


    Yes, you are right!! Thank you!! RN4L!!

Alene Shepherd

There’s a whole lotta stupid going on in the comments… Everyone just needs to Chill…

Angel Huerta

Refs were trying really hard to hand this win to the Broncos and unfortunately they got their way. Makes you sick how blatant they were. They cost us another game.


    We left way too many points on the field to win. Shoulda went for it on 4th and 1 early in the game when our kicker missed a chip shot.

Boke Bocanegra

“Plays to Be made an it comes back to me” yeah that’s true an false at the same time. Carr needs to use all the receivers we have not just player designed plays(stop trying to make all stars) , he needs to throw the dam ball properly and be more aware on the dam field man use them eyes , with his head on a swivel .

Ed Zepplin

That was a fast year

Fitter Krueger

That Renfrow touch down was good! Even the one right after! Back to back then the bs helmet to helmet, the refs are trash

    Just think

    the refs are now the true stars of the NFL. they have more air time than any player. sad.
    the raiders will move to their plastic dome in their new plastic city. the hotels paid for the stadium as they need it for concerts. meanwhile their true fans will continue to buy junk and cry. lol. they controlled the first half and scored 3 pts. 3rd q has been a disaster all season.


    Yeah even the Ingold handoff up the middle was a TD

    Gabe N

    Of course the league hates the raiders

John Carl

That was a TD by Renfrow but of course the screw job was in. I have a feeling we’ll be dominant soon. RAIDERS!

Samurai 90304

This just goes to show how much POWER and INFLUENCE Al Davis had. Founding Father of the REAL NFL. Now it’s the EFL.

Efren RNJR

We’re never gonna make it to the playoffs because the referees control our destiny. 🤬

    Matata McCleskey

    Raiders just have to be completely dominant in their play in order to win

    Alan Boyd

    So true I couldn’t have said it better!!!!!! You got to play against the opposing team and the referees at the same time

Richard Table

Talk about getting screwed by the refs…(as usual). It’s all good, we’ll get ours soon!

raider nation full moon records

The refs screwed us again!!!!!!!what new in donkey land smh

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