Fans welcome Packers at Austin Straubel Airport after securing playoff bye – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Fredric the autistic Nintendo fan

First comment. Gooo Pack Gooooooo

TFF sage401

2nd comment
“ A w is a w”

Luis Ailon Munoz

3rd comment
“Put cheese on everything”- Rashan Gary

Scout 805

Be lucky if they’re home by midnight! All their cars are parked at Lambeau Field. Missed the one seed by 6 inches!
That’s wat she said! LOL

darkthunder 16

No #1 seed for us 🙁

    Hilario Bailon

    You could blame Seahawks for that one

    Sports Haven

    Let’s be happy that our biggest problem is not being the #1 seed in the NFC. Compared to where we sat a year ago today

Hector Rodriguez

Congratulations Green Bay what a win over the LionsBut we are not done yet

Packersfan 12

locked 2nd seed

i gumby

Man ,what a game! GOPACKGO!!!🧀🧀

kelsey whitlatch

Love my packers! Somehow people keep doubting them and ht that’s ok cause we like proving people wrong

    Historical Dude


James Allen

To bad the Seahawks got robbed….should have been a booth review. …would have been 1st and goal at the 1 yard line…I’m proud of our packers..this time different outcome in San Francisco.
I will be there to support our pack!

    Alex Mcduffie

    They really did get robbed as well as rob themselves

Robert Bourdeau

Love these guys

Robert Preston

Congrats to the Packers. Since my bears will never win anything I would like to see our neighbors to the north win it all this year!

777d7777 777d7777

Go Pack Go !!!!



rick p

I love absolutely love Za’Darius!! The man is a player, loves the team, his mates and the fans. His enthusiasm is boundless!

    Jon Sanders

    He is pretty awesome! The whole team.

Doug Vohs

My prediction is that the Packers will end up playing the saints and if their defense can hold up the way they have been playing recently the last month they will be playing the NFC championship game




    packers12to80 we are gonna win the super bowl Go Pack Go


    @Turtle I sure hope so. Time for rodgers is def running out. We got so many guys like Blake, kyler,traymon, Adams, Bulaga, bahktiara even Jones and williams who have been here and dedicated so much to being a packer this would be a amazing reward for them . I’m sure I missed spelled a few of those and even left out a few of our longer residing packers lol . But u get my pt.


    packers12to80 yeah Rodgers is 36 we b only have 4 more seasons with him I hope we make the most of them

DemonKnight 124

Awww… Woook at duh whiney Wwhiiioonnnsss fan dat diswiked duh video…😭….😆
Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!

Blk Pig


Traxton Boess

Aaron with the Mexican hat

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