Ravens Release Safety Tony Jefferson | Baltimore Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Ravens Release Safety Tony Jefferson | Baltimore Ravens Final Drive

The Ravens parted ways with veteran safety Tony Jefferson on Friday, but he made his mark on the organization and the community.

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Chase wright

I’m first like and view of this vid

Brandon Koontz

Respect his work ethic and how he kept a positive attitude after his injury. Seeing him all over IG rooting for the boys was nice to see considering Chuck Clarks rise sealed his fate and he probably knew that.

Jeffery Hughes

Good luck out there tj raven 4 life

Nate The Great

Thank you Jefferson for everything you’ve done for the Ravens

Blade Brown - Put The Bitch On The Phone.

We knew it would come to this.

Arnold McCoy

IT’S Times like this , that The of REALITIES OF FOOTBALL IS A BUSINESS ! Way Ur favorite Teams can swing The proverbial Axe on some Great GUYS ! ” IN THE NAME OF , IT’S JUST BUSINESS ” Good Bey Tony , one helluva Nice Man

BaM BaM Cam 22

Needed to be done but I’ll miss TJ. For some reason he is in my top 10 ever ravens. Love that dude

    T. H

    BaM BaM Cam 22 u tripping

    Adam Wild

    He was a banger. I get it.

    Mario Webb

    Yea Same Here


    Why needed to be done?

king shark

Flock, knew this was coming. …. good luck going forward t.j. thanks for your service. 😎✌

Carr, is next.

Tayshawn Mcconnell

I wish he could had stayed thank you tony

Ron Edward

Can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Good luck to him.


Much respect love Tony

Marcie The Half Sausage

Good. Carr, Pierce and possibly Jimmy are next.

    king shark

    True…. hope jimmy be smart and figure out a way to stay, but if another team going to fork off cash for him, o well. But you got the line up right for 💈✂️


We can’t see his come back smh

Ayden Morse

1:41 isn’t long enough to respect Tony Jefferson’s time with the Ravens

Zurich Foreman

Seahawks should sign him right now

TexasBass Fishing

Thank you Jefferson for everything you did for Baltimore Ravens 💜🖤🔥💪 now let’s goo get a Superbowl 🏈🏆#2020Flock

Vanji Cagahastian

Thank you so much Tony Jefferson for everything you play and showed as a Raven!!!🤘# go get em tiger!

flacco Santiago



“He’s one of the reasons the Ravens have one of the top defenses”. If he’s that good why replace him?

Michael Ivanov

I miss Tony already. A very nice person and I love to user him in madden 20.

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