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Travis Kelce’s Top 10 Plays of the 2019 Season

Countdown the top 10 plays made by Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in the 2019 season, which saw him finish fourth in the NFL with 1,229 receiving yards.

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Anthony Miller

Run it back👏🏽

Fun Chiefs

That rushing touchdown against the pats should of been on there

    Fun Chiefs

    @Stoopid Vlogger yeah

    Carl Spackler Sr.

    There could have been 25.

    OTB Mods

    congrats on the super bowl win. coming from a giants fan

    Fun Chiefs

    @OTB Mods thanks I think the Giants should be good next year

    OTB Mods

    @Fun Chiefs thanks.


3 plays in the #2 spot, Love it!!

Jajon Johnson

I don’t care who your team is. You gotta give these guys props. Most entertaining team in the NFL.🏆

Corbin Shaddock

Who here has been a Chiefs fan before they’ve won the Super Bowl?!

    nhan vo

    saflip969 chiefs kingdom don’t waiver

    Cole Sturdy

    I was a fan at week 16 because they were facing my dads bears lmao and I like the patriots losing

    Justin Hall

    Since I was 12. I’m 42. #Chiefskingdom #MVPPat #Superbowlchampions #BigRed

    KC Ronn

    @nhan vo I second that.

    HZ- Phantom YT

    Since 2011.

Josephine Abd-El Gabbar

He is a beast when He play

KC Ronn

Kelce is one bad motorscooter.


I love Kelce, I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit for his hard work!


The channel has gained 11K since the super bowl 🤔

    Op C

    they’ve always had a lot


    Op C All I’m saying is there have been a nice chunk of new subscribers since the Super Bowl. Guess that’s only natural 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Op C

    @RockmanMegaX guess it happens with every team that wins

    Cool Breeze

    There’s always room on the bandwagon if you ask me. That is what turns road games into a home field atmosphere. Bring on the dynasty!

Sheila Russell


Garrett Peitz

Best TE in the league. No one is better. Not Kittle or ertz or waller or Andrew’s. NO ONE

Quote Icy

We just gonna forget about the 40 yard td against GB?

Rob Jones

This next episode of the franchise will be epic

samson gersing

Best tight end of the NFL! All Rock 🌟 Star!’

Kevin Alumbaugh

Bruh, who is picking these plays? Ya’ll left out some of his best plays this year. TD catch in Oakland not on there?!?!?! TD catch against GB not on there?!?!? TD run against NE not on there?!?!?

Vontisha Seawood

My favorite player doin what he does and having fun while doing it

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Thats my tight end!

Hot Goblin

The TD catch against the raiders was pretty good

Mica L

This needed a list of 20 plays, including some amazing touchdowns? Against the Eagles, Raiders, Broncos which was an 80 yard running TD.

TopChiefsFan Official

The 2 who disliked are 49er fans

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