Jahlani Tavai 2019 Highlights | Detroit Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Matt V. Reply

Kids got bright future

Dylan Valadez Reply

Tavai is gonna be top linebacker in the league for a long timr

    Mike McNally Reply

    Hell yes he is

MudTron Reply

Keep it up son

Brandon Harmon Reply

Im glad we picked him second. Hope hes worth it in the future cuz I wanted metcalf for the 2nd pic. But I like tavai

    Dan Rozanski Reply

    Tavai is in a much better position than Metcalf right now.

Mike McNally Reply

Hes going to be a good player

Dan Rozanski Reply

He’ll be out Polamolu some day

Anthony L Reply

Still not worth that 2nd rd pick… cant wait for this trash front office to take more unexpected mfs

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