Ravens Help Build Baltimore County’s First Destination Playground | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
KBean !

Stop focusing on building playgrounds and start focusing on closing games

Jacob Watson

We need to see more things like this happening. Especially in cities that have high poverty rates.

king shark

Geez, the money we will have over the next 5yrs, to do these projects will be great. A tag and trade, acquiring a couple of 1st and 4ths.

Then the breaking news of staff,… N then the hiring of either ryan day, or one you never saw coming, been scouting this guy for 3yrs. Pj fleck out of Minnesota,

Wheeew, a new staff, and qb is 70m at best over the next 5yrs. Vs 270mil and keep doing the “mad”
We a shiny beer can full of odouls

Pretty Sunshine

This is great stuff. It is not only important for our team to support our community like this, this also helps build the team and connect them to our community. Let’s Go Ravens!🏈💜🖤🔥

Ryan Damon



Nice to see they can finish something…….

Uncle Bob

What a great organization.

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