“I Feel Good, I Feel Confident” | Quinnen Williams Media Availability | The New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Rocco A

Love him!! He’s got such a childlike quality but he’s ferocious on field

Tommy Tee

how can you not love this kid?!? pure stud!!! he’s killing it in my Madden Franchise


Q is all pro caliber
Go Jets.! ✈️✈️✈️✈️

Call sign - Blood•Bath

Pay Him at the End of the Year… Keep him Hungry 😤

Steven Doss

You can just tell he has that switch to turn it on when we need it. finally the breakout year every jet fan knew was coming.


The beast in the afc east 🙏🙏🙏

James Spinaris

1 word confidence

Scott Luchinger

Q feels confident, can’t imagine why! lol
Bro about to be a ALL PRO 🙌


Yup, and he’s a Jet for years to come! Hats off to him and his brother, Mom…you did one hell of a job. His character seems as elite as his game. I don’t even want to face a Sunday without the Williams boys in line up. Jets have something special going.

    Antonio Misel

    When he suffered a neck injury I thought his career was over. Boy was I wrong .throw him a nice contract bone. In other words lock him up. JD don’t let this one get away.

    Antonio Misel

    Q just tell reporters your blood brother is balling to. I could only imagine being
    sibling competition. They grew up together. You just know one Bro is gonna tell other bro I’m making a bigger play . Then one bro gonna tell other bro. You undrafted. Sit down and watch my havoc up the middle.


People can say what they want, Quinnen Williams is the Jets franchise. He has the personality, leadership and his play on the field speaks for the team.

That’s saying a lot when the guy in the trenches emerges as the face of the franchise.

Ryan Thomas

Bless you Quinnen!

    J-man Hop

    Thank you quinten

Leroy Lyne

He’s a top shelf character guy. Don’t think there’s a guy on the team that wants to win more.

Eric Callahan

It must be an incredible feeling to star on a NFL team with your brother starting next to you. I want them both to do well.

Hammer Canadian

Great Baller and very humble.

Red Man

Love this guy he’s remind of reggie White

Anthony Stevens

My Boy Q Is HIM 🔥Keep Grinding ✈️

Alfred Johnson

“Sack Better than Anything” exactly what you want to hear from your D-lineman🤣😂🤣👍🏿👍🏿

J-man Hop

Such an incredible teammate this young man is doesn’t take an ounce of credit without first praising the rest of his defensive unit the culture is for sure changing in that locker room and it couldn’t be more obvious


I want to hear from Quincy!

Julio C Diaz

I hope the jets sign him for life….gives all praise to his team mates, never makes it about himself. A true team player…Sign him and give em a bag Jets….

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