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king shark

🤦‍♂️ Peters bout to get lit up in the comments. 🤕
Sure alot of cheering on the bench. The team just has so many nice guys on it.
Guess times have changed since the Lawrence taylor days. Coming at you like a wild pack of dawgs.

Wally Wallerton

Giants didn’t beat us, we beat us. Season not over yet. Truzz

    CodeName PizzaJr

    Na giants beat y’all fair and square. We made plays when it was time to make plays and stole the win.

    Harlem's Own

    Oh yeah? Well who beat you? 😆

    Ty Ty

    Y’all niggas pretend like you weren’t losing by 2 scores💀😭

    Harlem's Own

    @Ty Ty And y’all keep pretending that y’all didn’t lose 😂 😆 🤣

    Shawn Wilkerson

    @CodeName PizzaJr giants beat us off mistakes we made not mistakes the giants called

The Crib

Tell Ozzie to clock in ! 🗣️ Decosta don’t know what he doin

    david kewer

    Decosta is a joke. He is so far over his head. But he got the job based on the friendship ring within the Ravens FO. It’s disgusting to watch.

    king shark

    I’d like to say that…. buuuuut, ozzy was letting guys walk, never really got wrs, and well, he was good for a old school AFC north. This a new era and this team still picking as if ozzy is in charge. I mean its 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 tight ends on the roster.

    Jeremiah Clay

    Ozzie ain’t gone nowhere he still with us he just stepped down he didn’t retire he only stepped down because decosta was promised a job in baltimore this is his team

Braden Kerwin

Video really well done


Idk about yall but I still have optimism about this season

    El Train

    Me, too. It’s what make NFL football the best sport. The twists and turns, highs and lows of season. Here’s to a deep run after we right the ship!!


Marcus Peters is an underrated leader. My favorite player (other than Lamar) by far.

    Joshua Okparaocha

    Same MP is definitely #2 for me after Lamar


    I have to cosign this statement!!!

    Shawn Wilkerson

    Lamar sold the game


This team isn’t bad. It’s early but we still got a lot to clean up. We’ll learn how to finish games, and make a run back to the playoffs

    SevaLokii George

    Salute. Appreciate u


MP looks like he be smoking Newports on the sideline 😂😂


So stupid that the editing made it look like the defense let us down when it was 95% on Lamar for the 2 turnovers and his general inaccuracy throughout the entire game.

    king shark

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 , yep them over throws not in here at all. Djax gone throw a hamstring out trying to catch them. He will be toast in 3 games.

Yoda’s dad

Wired only hits after wins :/


Feel like about 8 people watch these after a loss…poor media people editing through their tears, knowing its gonna get like 25% engagement compared to a win.


We keep listening to others and realizing we are the truth and be the truth and nothing more hit the plays and make it count every time and not let our emotions affect the game play like a Raven and we win! Let’s go man!

Victor Pouesi

Ravens all day man! Win or lose! 😈


no one talks about it but that was a beautiful ball to andrews for the touchdown by lamar


    Because unfortunately most only want to point out his mistakes… that was HELLA beautiful

    xxDAMIENxx823 C

    It was also a delay of game too🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    El Train

    @xxDAMIENxx823 C True…

Maher Abucheri

This just makes me so sad. Not angry, not disappointed. Just sad. I can’t believe that this is what we’ve been looking forward to all off-season. This is my team.

    El Train

    Good thing the regular season is long. Enjoy the journey. Say we do make a deep run…this period of adversity will make those moments that much sweeter. Chin up, dude.


I really feel like we can beat any team but also very well loose to any team

SevaLokii George

Not disappointed not mad but I’m sad. Prayers to Ravens. Hope we can put things back together for the long run. Love ❤️‼️God bless all

Roc Hyns

WHEN this team figure out the 4th quarter and get to at least 95% full strength, the rest of the league had better watch out! With the remaining schedule after the bye, a perfect storm is coming in favor of the Ravens.


    Well we’re a third of the way through the season… I need them to come on and figure that 4th quarter BS ASAP


Good stuff. Team has all the pieces and are getting healthier. Time to put it all together!

Kwasi A King

What’s frustrating is that when we play A+ lights out football, we can truly be unstoppable. We’re truly that team that others don’t want to see post season…. our record may not reflect it, but we are that threat to end any post season dreams.

Have to stick with fundamental/situational football. Lamar, he has to make smarter decisions. It wouldn’t have been a bad thing to either take the sack, or simply to throw the ball away…. And that fumble. Protect the football. We’re not 6-0 because of the little things, that has had significant impact, to our detriment.

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