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Noah Crawford

Announce McLaurin to Baltimore

    Hebrew Harv

    From Washington?

    Daniel Pos

    Noah its not happing we just got desean Jackson

    Noah Crawford

    @Daniel Pos lol it was a joke

Stephen Andrew

Finally some good news

agro-valley farm

Always welcome news when key players are returning. Let’s hope the team can overcome its 4th quarter meltdowns


Why do we refuse to spend money?


    @Edwin Navedo yeah I know what a salary cap is lol plenty of teams move money around to sign free agents. We only go the cheapest route and it hasn’t been working out lately.

    king shark

    @Nc …. you cant sign no dominant wr, when your qb is getting all the money. Uhhhhhh mason was actually the most highly tuated free agent wr signing. Just happened bolden was the perfect raven style wr. A small te type guy. Mason had the numbers, but bolden was the fit.


    @king shark you guys most not know how contracts work lol once again. The chiefs have 3 or 4 huge contract on their team, including half a billion for mahomes, and they still sign free agents. You can rearrange any contract lol.

    king shark

    @Nc …. you must do know how they work. Now who are the chiefs paid guys?
    Tell us how they work.
    Cause, if so, why the chiefs couldn’t keep honey badger, and hill.

    Why, greenbay lost Adams.

    N pleaaaaaase, tell us why under joe flacco contract, we couldn’t resign our on guys? Please tell us what we dont know, but we do, and you dont.

    Phyllis Phyllis

    Hey hey we can’t loss another game. Welcome to new and the old RAVENS. NOW ACTION 🎬 PLAY BALL LU LETS BRING IT HOME. SUNDAY. WIN πŸ† LOOKING FOR NO FOUR . play ball Ravens.

Cold Campaign

Yeah its a little cloudy right now. But

I STILL believe

Bar Will

Help is on the way

Robert Mosley

I still believe in my ravens!!!!!!!!! 🟣⚫️⚫️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🏈🏈 #BigTruzzzz

Victor Bro

Baltimore is letting us down !!

amber alert...a girl with a phone

Any news bout #51 ross?

    Pretty Sunshine

    Josh Ross is on Reserve Injured. Looks like it’s a season ending injury.

    amber alert...a girl with a phone

    @Pretty Sunshine thank you

    Pretty Sunshine

    @amber alert…a girl with a phone You’re very welcome.

Ohmy Poopy

Let’s hope the pass rush can piece it together like the secondary has

Sam K

Cavalry? LOL Keep playing “The Emperor’s New Clothes” game. (Clearly, the Ravens “Emperor” is butt naked.)

king shark


Anthony Jimenez

Rain or shine we have to stick with our team, I’m hopeful they can figure things out there is still alot of football to be played.

    El Train

    Thank you. That’s what I’ve been saying. It’s not fun, nor does it do any good to think the worst. Until we’re five games below .500, it’s more fun to assume we’ll be five games over.


    I’m all in good or bad or very bad.

    Devin McCleary

    Sticking with the team doesn’t mean sticking with Coaches and front office personnel, those people are horrible and have to go. The Ravens need change

    El Train

    @Devin McCleary I respectfully disagree…they’re better than most in this league. It’s not cut and dry when it comes to running/managing a sports franchise. Lots of stars have to aline..

Irving Flores

Lol πŸ˜‚ Drake was averaging 11 yards a carry and The Shitty Ravens still lost a 10 point lead.

Island Vibes

We need Gus back STAT!

antonio williams

Reinforcement: This will be DOPE in retrospect when we “right our wrongs” and eventually hoist the Lombardiβ€Ό #FlockManifestation #FaithWithoutWorksIsDead


Hopefully we get some game management coaching reinforcements


SO the RAVENS are still not good right now because of the COACHES 🀨

Pretty Sunshine

This is all great news, but I sure hope we’re getting our Run Defense prepared for this Brown’s game. Nick Chubb24 is a problem for defenses. Let’s Go Ravens!πŸˆπŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ”₯


Id be worried if we were getting destroyed by teams but were not. Were beating ourselves and Im confident the team can work out the kinks. Gonna be a good second half of the season boys.

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