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Wow never heard such loud cheers for field goals…


    You saw the mess they were trotting out before this week, correct?

    Glenn Davis

    Yes the Dallas field goal kicker situation was DIRE prior to this.

    Jared flores

    it was crazy i can tell you the first kick it went crazy and every kick after that we went crazy

    Brady Stephenson

    If you’re from dfw, you know

TexasDragon 1995

Goddammit. Now you know what’s gonna happen.

Jones: Lets give Garret another year


    TexasDragon 1995 Garrett ain’t staying. The only way he stays is if we win the superbowl and that’s highly unlikely. If Jerry even thinks about giving Garrett an extension, Garrett not making it home alive

    Child of God

    Shush! Don’t use God’s name like that! But yes JG has to go, agreed.

    Affordable Sticks

    No he already moved on from Garrett. He didnt give him a contract and said on the radio that garret will be an nfl coach next team…just not for us lol

    A Concerned Dothead

    @Original6Productions Forget about Super Bowl, even if they reach the NFC Championship game, Garrett will be around for another year. Jerry Jones would say next year: Super Bowl!

Nahshon Devose

Was today a good day?

Eagles fans: well yes, but actually no.

    Ian Good

    Philly goin down

    Paul Cap

    Great day for Eagles fans, hopefully garrett gets another year!!


    Dean Keaton didn’t y’all say the cowboys and eagles would be one and done last season and they both went to the second round 😂


    Paul Cap why do you want Garrett there he owns your eagles 😂

    Brian Potter

    No, it means Garrett still has a little hope to keep his job….😣

Nathan Trotter Entertainment

Anyone else impressed with the new kicker? Thought he did pretty great and definitely an upgrade over Maher.

    Ian Good

    Maher was never a better pick than dan bailey either

    Ian Good

    Jerry always on something. Forbath rocks

    Mark James

    never thought I’d be fascinated by the kicker making every field goal in a game. But there I was, fascinated by it. LOL

    Justin Spivey

    I wish we had Bailey still

    Dylan L

    Vikings fan, he was clutch for us in the Minneapolis miracle game

Ronald Bowman

I love my cowboys to the end of time. But it feels like I’m on a roller coaster from week to week.

    Jarred page

    @Rhyss not an eagles fan but I feel ya 😅

    JD Tha Kidd

    Ronald Bowman // I feel ya onnat statement..

    Jesse Acheampong

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    ARTHUR gomez

    yeah u genius we cant win them all scientist!


    I’m starting to wonder if every team I like this besides the Patriots.

Rob Xx

How in the hell can they not replay the Witten one hand catch on a TD?!!! WTF?!


    They did

    aaron rogers

    Awesome catch

    Cass D Lo

    Worse than that the annpuncer called out witten number as 72 and not 82😡

    michael palmer

    @Cass D Lo 72 touchdowns …


    @Cass D Lo he said 72 touchdowns

Jonah Mata

Joe’s three favorite words

    Cowboys Pride69

    @Alex Beltran21 Joe mamma!

    Colin Lewis

    God you could make a drinking game out of how many times he says that

    Colin Lewis

    Such a boring announcer


    Pass iiiiiiisss caught

    German Moses

    No it’s, “…and my partner is the Hall of Famer Troy Aikman”

FBI Jones

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a kicker


    @Joshua Cruz yeah only he missed all the time in his first year with us

    Andres Rangel

    Yes sirrrrr 💯💯💯💯💯


    FBI Jones finally

    Ssolaym Rrezki

    But can you trust him from 60 yards ??

    every day kid

    One mans trash is another mans treasure I guess

Patrick Neal

Tony Pollard looked good need to see more of him and Zeke combo to get run going.

    Durrelle Nelson

    Yea pollard suim serious

    Aven Miller

    We play this in the playoffs we going to the Super Bowl


Am I the only one that been waiting for zeke to play like this all year long


    the man has 1200 yards and 11 td’s he has been doing this all year.The offense hasnt been giving him the same amount of carries he would normally get because they have been throwing it.His carries are down but he’s still averaging 4.5-5 yards a carry per game so far.

    Anthony Rollison

    Bern waiting he seems to start slow

    Roy Beddington

    No I was waiting for that!!! He’s had a burst of it the last few weeks but today he really shined and so did Tony Pollard my goodness ya know lol. He is super fast today lol! I think the pass defense did look weak that they were playing today but none the less they still got the work done

    Jarred page

    Nope they need to feed him earlier and get his head in the game!! Pollard should be getting more touches too dude is a mismatch against linebackers


    Hell ya they need to make an X-factor again

William Quintanilla

Cowboys or Eagles ?
Like for Cowboys Comment for Eagles

    Louis Harley Aguilar

    Bruh good luck in the playoffs…yall always choking

    Alex Hamilton

    @Big Reiner stranger things have happened


    Big Reiner they said that about those two teams last season and they advanced while other divisions got knocked out 😂

    Landon Meyer

    @z06guy 03 if we lose it ain’t gonna be big

    Landon Meyer

    @z06guy 03 and we all know Jimmy G ain’t going to the Super Bowl in his playoffs debut

Don Leon

My question is, why can’t they play like this every freaking week?

    Don Leon

    @Jarred page I’m not talking about running the ball. The run game hasn’t been too bad. I’m talking overall performance. They played well on all 3 phases yesterday. With the exception of the two kicks out of bounds.

    Don Leon

    @ARTHUR gomez I guess you just had to chime in. Although you didn’t have anything to say.
    Nobody said they had to win them all.


    Must be different Rams team than the one that shut down our run game in the playoffs last year.


    Dewnyne King if he was able to get us to the SB that means he is a good coach

    Who Is Hendoughh

    Makes me so mad fire jason garrett

Eric Weimer

Who else’s anxiety went up every time kai forbath was gonna kick!??

    RaSy Wash

    PTSD 🥺

    PandX J

    me because of the kickoff in the begining of the game

    Żęåûx X

    PandX J it’s not how you start it’s how you finish just like Kareem hunt fumbled first play and ran for 100 yards and had 2tds but he did finish by getting cut 😬😂

    Mondo Local

    Quite the opposite. I was surprised at how calm I felt with him!

    The Doctor

    More like excited..to see someone else other then Maher



-Scooter Magruder

    Vasil Nenchev

    hahahahahahaha AM A GROWN MAN

    Mike D


    Coker George

    @Mike D After yesterday demolishing of the RAMs I feel like they gonna do something special, pulling off a seven loss season and smashing whoever they play in the super bowl if they play offense and defense like this.

    Agent Zeeda


    Offical Delta

    Coker George the cowboys wont make it past the first round

Law 21

Not a cowboys fan, but this is what this team was supposed to be like, talented as they are. Congratulations!

Larry Broddy

All I hear is…”Lemme tell u Skip”

    Roy Beddington

    @DS 17 😂😂😂😂 “c’mon skip…”

    Matthew Vaughan


    Cory Whitley

    Here’s the thang skiiuuup.

    Brandon Daniels

    @Matthew Vaughan Skaaaaaaaaayulp

    Brandon Daniels

    @Roy Beddington WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!

Caelan Williams

“Is Sean Lee playing?”
4:26 : “Sean Lee’s playing!”

    Caelan Williams

    @Eli Golden 1st since 2017 apparently!

    Caelan Williams

    @Buenos Dias Yup Magruder Scooter

    Caelan Williams

    @Allen Dims sean lee was definitely playing lol

    Caelan Williams

    @Frosty MagruderScooter

    Caelan Williams

    @Roy Beddington !!!!!!

Guy Man

Eagles: “Thanks for the offer for taking the division I’ll gladly accept!”
Cowboys: “Yeah… about that…”

    jd & Adrian


Nagisa furukawa

I just dont understand man why cant we play like this always 🤷‍♂️

    William Sanders

    Took the words out of my mouth.

    Dominick Jones

    @Sic transit gloria mundi same though

    Fausto Munoz

    @famliy family the same rams team that beat the Seahawks last week

    wanna beavenger

    Nagisa furukawa because u don’t usually play bad teams like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bob Bowie

    keys players were probably not at 100 percent

Dylan Delgado

*Cowboys team
“Guys let’s actually try today!!!!”

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