CRAZY END to Falcons & 49ers

Down. To. The. Wire. The Atlanta Falcons take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Falcons 49ers

Emperor Palpatine

49ers had everything going for them after last weeks win against the saints…


    Plain and simple the falcons aren’t bad. They had A series of events happen in the beginning of the season and now they are really good just like always. 49ers fans wanted to talk whole bunch of mess about how the Falcons beat us and this is their karma. Hope those words taste good going back in.

    Ducky Bowl

    Jaxxgirl76 if anything Julio Jones injury was holding back the falcons good season.

    Ole' Dirty SamDawg

    No one has it easy this NFC is stacked the Falcons were better with Mike Shannahan our coach now. Since him down the tube. Its on any given friggin Sunday they can still kick any teams behind even being one of the πŸ’©est teams in the NFL… Theyve still got f***ing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones who can win against anyone. #Phuckmerunning

    Ole' Dirty SamDawg

    I personally respect and LOVE the Falcons not over my Niners but they epotimize a bad franchise historically, trying its a$$ off to turn into a championship orginization.(Should of had it vs NE) so all of u shut ur trap talking bad about the 9ers like were a joke now? Its a f***ing dog house in this conference EVERY team is fighting for their lives the stacked competition. Yes we lost 3 games blew it 3 last second plays in tight games if ur gonna type on here were toast or πŸ’© and f’ed in the playoffs sitting at 11-3 ELEVEN AND THREE? Eleven wins is no good? “Playoffs!? Well be lucky if we win a game!”
    Go Eff ur self long time, weve done what every team dreams to do put yourself in position to be title CONTENDERS u cant win every year playing a great regular season is all u can ask to get the easy path to a Super Bowl. Were in the discussion with only a few other teams as best in the WHOLE LEAGUE. I get if u hate us but dont act like were πŸ—‘ if we lose all we can ask if to be in contention next year. Yall better pray because…
    IF WE WIN?
    ur all gonna have to bow down to EAT THIS πŸ†

    Ole' Dirty SamDawg


Emperor Palpatine

Highlight heaven beat you by a little bit.

    Gamer Extraodernair

    Yeah, they’re garbage

Ravens Flock

Just like that their the 5th seed πŸ˜‚

    Semisi Mataele

    Ravens Flock u not even a real ravens fanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚u probably just hopped on the bandwagon for Lamar

    347 stroker

    @Semisi Mataele the average Baltimoron IQ is 80, they’re loving that Greg Roman lead 2012 Niners offense

    Ravens Flock

    Semisi Mataele Born in Baltimore and still live in Baltimore. Been A fan ever since. Your point is?


    347 stroker bro why are you acting like your team BEEN good? you’re in the same boat as ravens fans… at least the ravens been decent for the past few years. you guys were a LAUGHING STOCK until this year.

Left Turn Productions [LTP]

Crazy is right. I was holding my breath the whole time.

Khii SG

I thought this was an easy win for the 49ers but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I'm Joker28

Karma am I right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Kennith Stroude

    yep it was the other way around of the cardinals game the hurtles be a karma curse πŸ™‚

every day kid




Mango Masher

12 points in 4 seconds, now that is an unbeatable record

    Keith Hamman

    @Jason D The play started at 5 seconds, so it was technically 12 in 5. Still hard to beat.

    Scott Land

    The Over/Under Total was 49.5 points whoever had the Over got a gift from the gambling gods. Whoever had the Under got a bad beat they’ll never forget.


    Mango Masher I need a miracle for the game to go over 48 and it happened

    Rushin' Jay

    @Jason D in about 4 seconds we scored a td, then we kicked it off with 1 second left, they laterolled and failed then we scored with that 1 second remaining

King Chi

The ONLY time saints fans wanna see Atlanta wit a W


    Yeah we WAS counting on the Saints to beat but they “Failed” as usual…..who dat?? Naw more like blew dat. Smh…

An angry Jets Fan

Beat the Saints in the dome
Lose to the Falcons at home


    At home πŸ˜‚


    Saints are overrated

    Tre T

    @First Last that just shows you that your team is that much more garbage.


    Cory Jones they didn’t really show up yesterday, the playing field was level, y’all just couldn’t close out the game, big issue for 49ers in post season

    First Last

    @Tre T Whatever..hope y’all seats at home are comfortable…cause that’s where y’all team will be watching the Superbowl…at.. home.


Falcons: Beats Saints and 49ers
Loses to Cardinals


    That’s because DQ was the defensive coordinator at the time

    Ryan Flanagan


    Tim Mahajan

    Because of a missed PAT by their kicker. The falcons are a playoff team this year, with arguably the worst luck ever.

big bad 805er

Julio snapped his fingers and made the niners a 5 seed

Loyal Philly fan

Falcons get revenge on Shanehan for losing them the super bowl

    TheReal President2016

    Ma_Name_ Is_Jaff_49 And shanahan is why we couldn’t seal the deal with a field goal. Got em today though.

    Ma_Name_ Is_Jaff_49

    TheReal President2016 the same could be said for that defense that allowed all those points. I nearly had a heart attack watching this game. Good luck to the falcons and gg.


    @An average Male It WAS Shannahan that cost us the Bowl, dropping back tryna throw long on 3rd and 1!

    He did the same ish against the Ravens this year tryna throw long on 4th and 1! Guess what happened? Yeah the 49ers lost because of bad Shannahan play calling.

    Niners Robb

    @AustinSBL306 He told Matt Ryan “hey Matt anytime you get pressured never throw the ball away just fumble and take sacks”


    Niners Robb Most definitely did. Ever since, Ryan been running out the pocket more often πŸ˜‚

Stutter of the House

The Falcons.. the most bizarre team in 2019. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are so friggin good regardless of the teams struggles!

    Kay Rattler

    Exactly. Always has been. So i wish people will stop judging our fanbase. We have PTSD because the team is bipolar and can’t find the right meds.

Gregory Jones

The playoff picture just got interesting 🧐

Gabriel Lyles

They lost to a team with NOTHING to lose, I’m not shocked…at all


Beautiful i went to take a piss thinking it was over only to come back to the whole bar in an uproar. Thanks for letting me catch what i missed!


All three of the 49ers losses were against bird teams πŸ˜‚


    Infernocus and almost lost to the cardinals twice

    TreyPlayz _

    StormingCobra55 they might in the playoffs

    Nate Holmes

    They almost lost to the cards too

    TreyPlayz _

    Nate Holmes too who

    John Arroyo

    Ok that is actually pretty funny. Never realized it until now. πŸ˜‚

Fan Person

I just love how number 17 got that TD at the end for good measure

    Goku Black

    Ikr 🀣🀣🀣

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

Jet Jones ✈ is the greatest WR on the planet 🌎 😎πŸ’ͺ

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