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Aditya Sagraha

Falcons: Stealing wins from strong teams, donating wins to weaker teams*

*but not really

    Morten Svendsen

    @Chicago Tomahawk And Packers?

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Morten Svendsen Packers really aren’t a strong team

    Google User

    @Christo. Posted 10 Years ago Excuse me but have ever looked at the strength of the SEAHAWKS schedule.

    Chicago Tomahawk

    Christo. Posted 10 Years ago lmao you first year 9er fans are adorable

    Deep Astra

    Aditya Sagraha Falcons are communists

Chanelle Thrash

Coach Quinn: Matt throw to juilo

Matt: All game?

Coach Quinn: YES

    Ice Cube

    @Chanelle Thrash i’m a huge julio fan but yesterday he seemed to drop a lot of balls that he’d normally pull in. none were easy but he usually catches them anyway.

    Chanelle Thrash

    @Ice Cube he dropped 2 I think one he shoulda got the other was kinda a tuff one

    Lex X

    @Chanelle Thrash Completely right!

    Austin Durden

    49ers can’t beat us bird teams😂

    Chanelle Thrash

    @Jacob Johnson remember juilo got 2TDs to go with his 13 rec for 134


Only took Ryan 15 weeks to remember that he has Julio Jones on his team.


    He had Calvin Ridley, and Julio was getting doubled

    Gerald Capo

    🤣🤣Great game tho was not expecting the 9ners to lose specially at home but you gotta remember the falcons got a team tho

    TheReal President2016

    thedarkemissary yet everyone wanna say Matt’s only good because of Julio. F*ck meme culture. Keep lying to yaself

    JustMarcus LittleGamer

    I feel like falcon fans criticize ryan too much actually ryan had a mvp season last year just no defense and no offensive line he had the best passer rating just didn’t make the playoffs kinda like kyler murray right now

    Chiefs suck Dog

    They went to the super bowl made no changes and can’t even make the playoffs this is coming from a falcons fan to 😭😭😭

Sheldon Morris

When u play cover 6 but forgot they had Julio running a drag at the Goaline 😂😂

Contrived Westchester Resident

Alright, Dan Quinn REALLY wants to save his job at this point.

    gbbnnre willi

    It ain’t just been dealing with a lot of injuries


    There’s always getting the next job. Never give up.


    28-3 is on his resume he’s got too much to try to save at this point

    DaSmooth1 Always

    Look at the facts. This is only his second losing season. And he’s not laying down after that 1-7 start?? I believe he’s going to be ok. Especially if a guy like Marvin Lewis can keep his for 20 years and he’s had multiple losing seasons.

    Ice Cube

    too late, he’s toast

mr murder2344

49ers: this is going to be easy no problem
Loses game
Falcon fans: 😮
49er fans: :O

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Joe Heasley unless they lose to the Rams. Then it really meant something.

    Google User

    @Joe Heasley so! how does it feel to bash us for losing the rams and the nfc west! JOKES on you cause YOU JUST LOST THE NFC WEST AGAIN


    @Joe Heasley no it doesnt. Every game now counts and the 49ers are imploding

    Chris Travis

    Same exact react when the raiders played the jets and got clobbered

    Jason Weber

    Nobody thought that if they paid attention to the injury report.

Jett Williams

The 349 dislikes are 49er fans 😂

    Stevie Stotts

    Tacø gg bro. 49ers are a good team this year

    Vuanita Haslam

    @Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw i have a right to we beat yal it was a fair game it wasnt one yesterday they cheated

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    @Vuanita Haslam I am saying that in regards of blown calls in the playoff game and this regular season the saints not only have to beat their opponent they also have refs thanks and i hope the saints play your team in the playoffs it will be another close one

    Joshua Davis

    @Vuanita Haslam how did we cheat on y’all field

My name is Connor

Falcons are the NFL’s most weirdest team they beat the Saints in on the road and now the 49ers

    Zicdood 2

    Chargers have no fans


    most weird*
    saying most weirdest is unnecessary

    Nathaniel Maldonado

    A hurt 49ers Defense not the same as the same 49ers we are use to seeing

    Nathaniel Maldonado

    Wouldn’t happen had we been healthy

    marcel hamilton

    yeah great teams they got a W ,I can’t imagine a W if they play the NE Pats tho

Brad Cooper

This isn’t Falcons versus 49ers it’s Julio Jones vs George Kittle

    Delusion is an Illusion

    Kittle isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Julio. Not close. And I’m not a Falcons fan and Kittle is probably my favorite te

    Kojo Boateng

    @Delusion is an Illusion i think u missed the reference smh. He wasnt comparing the two, just stating that the highlights were essentially a julio and kittle montage lol.

    The49ers 2000

    And they both had 13 Catches for 134 Yards insane despite my Niners losing 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️‼️

Lag Seeing

How to beat the 9ers:
– team logo should be a bird

    Lex X


    Austin Durden


    Elijah Reed

    @Warren Shiflett@ true dat

    Kevin Francis

    Manny Rodriguez lamar will win.

    Timothy Molloy

    Hamdan Abdalla there not going to be the 5th seed I’m saying that eagles and Seahawks have the best shot and 49ers I don’t feel are ready for the playoffs

Justin Nguyen

So yeah the falcons are just gonna beat the saints and 49ers like that out of all teams

    Z Y

    this time kittle lost the game at the end in that play when he dropped the football https://youtu.be/7bdThqHu5RY?t=535

    jr milovale

    @Z Y good-

    Stemare The Baby

    Justin Nguyen the saints beat the falcons the 2x


    @Z Y There was plenty of football left to be played.

less than bread

The Falcons have been the most confusing team in the NFL the last 4 or 5 seasons. No clue what kind of team is gonna show up week after week.

    Stevie Stotts

    less than bread 😂 you’re so right.

Kitty Man

So let’s get this straight, the 49r’s weakness is birds, so now we need the cardinals to win to complete this theory, and the eagles


    @killasiiwila first year the 49ers have actually beat the cardinals

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Debauch It won’t be important if the 9ers lose to the Rams

    Google User

    @Debauch dont disagree with the fact that the nfc west is the NUMBER ONE division in the nfc! still! YOURE GOING DOWN

    Google User

    @Hamdan Abdalla I am a rams fan! and we’re TIRED of seeing your annoying rookie nick bosa stealing the spotlight from my boy Aaron Donald! GO RAMS!

    Sho Ent

    And the buffalo? Buffalo wings?


Falcons now hold the record for: 2 touchdowns in the quickest time with 2 touchdowns in 2 seconds.

    DJ -G

    Vuanita Haslam@ salty huh..? #RiseUp


    Vuanita Haslam 🧂🧂🧂🧂


    @Vuanita Haslam lol ok

    Brandon Beams

    Jaden Kees blew dat

Old School Gamers

“It’s up there, it’s out there, it’s through there.”


    Robert Vasquez

    He sounds like the announcer from The Price Is Right.

    Blah Blah

    I can’t stand it for three hours. 12min recap is tolerable but for the whole game I can’t

    Doktor Bundy

    Yes, I liked it also xD

    DJ Chill Will

    that’s his go-to


When we went 28-3 “a soul for a soul”
Going after all the big teams and pulling upsets


Mad respect to Falcons, dudes are playing their hearts out with no chance of playoffs

    Mackay Creative

    Not the best draft choice either lol they really played themselves

    Jason Weber

    Im convinced my 49ers just purposely lost the past couple of years to rack up draft picks

    Mackay Creative

    @John Calhoun taking nothing down, clinched playoffs. Niners have a mass amount of injuries this season and still balling out. #playoffs

    Mackay Creative

    @Jason Weber We also didn’t have much of a roster anyways man lol

    Joshua Davis

    @Overton Jones very true lol rise up.

Morten Kristiansen

When you have a favorite player in Madden

Will Tollefson

Me when watching these: -sees a punt being shown- *Oh no.*

The OverLord

No one:

Falcons: let’s beat good teams and the eagles and panthers, but we don’t want to hurt the bad teams feelings.

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