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Biggest upset of the year

    Sir Uppercrust III

    I still think the Falcons going into New Orleans and destroying the Saints was more of an upset

    Eric Hammer

    @Sir Uppercrust III Not at all, they’re division rivals and know each other much better than these 2 teams. They play each other a minimum of twice every year. This was a bigger upset.


    Sir Uppercrust III Facts

    Kevin Scott

    Sir Uppercrust III
    Us absolutely dominating the Saints in NO was infinitely more satisfying though.lol

    David Stutz

    U play fantasy? 49ers have a bad secondary & had no Richard Sherman.lol. If they dont have Sherman again for week 17 they’re 100% losing 2 the Seahawks. Rams u never know 4 next week but at this point they at least made the playoffs


Best WR in the NFL currently!

    jdizzle foshizzle

    @PGD Panda hopkins had one year where he didnt drop a pass and the only thing hopkins has done is have over 1000 yards which julio has done for the last 10 years

    skullman cheese

    So people forgot about larry huh. Has more yards touchdowns and catches in the nfl then any wr

    skullman cheese

    Throughout his career

    Joseph P

    skullman cheese larry is done sooner than later lol hes not amongst the julio/hopkins/thomas discussion. HOF pending

    Quinn Encalade

    The best receiver currently is Michael Thomas is there’s no debate to be made

Loyal Philly fan

Still Best WR in the league

    Isaac Martin

    Gerald Stelly first off I never said Julio is the reason we win games I said Julio is the reason why we beat the 49ers. Second Matt Ryan kept over throwing julio because he usually under pressure because our o-line suck and the saints corners can’t even guard Calvin Ridley including lattimore. Lattimore he can do something to julio but he can’t guard him. Finally, teddy bridgwater use start for the Vikings and he was very good until that injury he had. He still is good and he showing it. Remember as soon he didn’t start y’all loss and guess it was against the falcons

    Jay Prime

    @Gerald Stelly look at 2015 julio stats and think about what you just said

    Gerald Stelly

    @Jay Prime 3 more games and he’ll have the receptions record and somewhere around 1800 yards.

    Jay Prime

    @Gerald Stelly doubt it

Loyal Philly fan

Every time I see Julio play I think of that “Steelio kontos” song from American Dad 😂

    Dandre Johnson

    Loyal Philly fan yooo fr!!someone should make a julio highlight reel with that as the music

    Darth Oof

    LMAO say that line every catch he makes SOMEONE MAKE A VIDEO OF THIS

Ankle Island

Julio bet Wide Receiver in the world for 4 years

Lucas Bell


    victor maldonado

    Lucas Bell how when it’s semi finals

Kaymen Justice

He can not lock Julio Julio will beat him all up the field

Twahan Simultaneous

9ers: “We lead the division!”

*Falcons beat 49ers*

Falcons: “What lead!?”

9ers: ” My Grandmama gave me that division.”

*9er empire holding back tears*

Seahawks: “They gonna cry in the car.”

    Ondo Vids

    Falcons: What Playoffs? 😂😂😂

    Andrew Smith

    Ondo Vids 1to 5


    Ondo Vids Salty

    Nick Burkhard

    Twahan Simultaneous this was the cringiest thing i’ve ever read

Gregory Jones


RedSkullGaming 11

Julio the best WR in the NFL no 🧢

    Julius Dixon

    RedSkullGaming 11 no 🧢

    Keng Vang

    He’s been


    You must be mexicant

zac hannaman

Julio Jones has been the down fall to many great teams.

    Vadim WhiteWolf

    zac hannaman 28-3

    zac hannaman

    @Vadim Whitewolf Classic


    Vadim WhiteWolf 29-22 lmao 😂

Eric Hammer

Nothing like my second favorite team beating my favorite teams rival to put them back at the top….you do the work lol

PGD Panda


Cavsfan 189

Best in the league

HighLifeTuners 1

ima real falcons fan all i wanna see is matt ryan n julio jones retired w a sb ring …

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

the great Jet Jones just simply being great 13rec 134yds 2tds 👏🔥💯👍

AJ Soriano

People really forgot who the best wr in the league is

Paidway Jay

Best WR in the league still 🐐💯

Marquez Chapman

The great Julio Jones 🐐💯 .

billy sandoval

My guy is still a monster. I’m a broncos fan but I love watching this guy dominate a great receiver.

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