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I'm Joker28

Karma I’m I Right 😂😂😂

    Yazmyn Cartet

    Lol like the vikings and saints game

Claudio Jenkins

Matty Iceeeeeeeeeee

B Rus

Thanks falcons!
Sincerely, all Seahawks fans😂

    Dawg Gawd

    @Jerome Cherry Basically, the 49ers lost to the Seahawks earlier this season, so the Seahawks have the advantage automatically if the division were to end in a draw (ex: both teams 12-4).

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Party Penguin_Games1229 I don’t understand, I was pretty transparent.

    Hamdan Abdalla

    @Jerome Cherry So the Seahawks lost to the Rams last week, and the 9ers lost to the Seahawks in week 10. So they both have the same division percentage, but Seahawks are a head because of the head to head tiebreaker (basically if the 2 teams played, who won.) It’s the first tiebreaker rule applied (if the 2 teams played each other.).

    Party Penguin_Games1229

    Hamdan Abdalla meh

    Evil Dax

    So does this mean Falcons can be in the top 10 power rankings since they beat the best?


Game winning drive #39 moves him to 8th all time


    Damn and Rodgers only has like 26, 28


    @DJ SHUFFL3R OFFICIAL I was surprised when I first saw

Mr. Cool Gaming

And u said he chokes… shameful

    Joe Burrow Highlights

    Mr. Cool Gaming to be fair he did have the biggest choke in nfl history but it’s probably more on the coach for not running the ball. They do call him Matty Ice for a reason.

    Andrew Lewis

    Many people put that loss on Kyle Shannanahanana for not letting Freeman have the ball. I don’t really blame anyone — the Patriots are a really incredible team (I hate saying that).
    That being said, after the years of salt was rinsed from my body, the first three quarters of the Super Bowl are incredible. It would have been nice to have seen the coin toss to go our way, but ATL was dominate that season.

    One bad quarter in a single game changed the narrative for the Falcons season, and that sucks. I wish more people would at least acknowledge the NFC Championship game… with all the 28-3 jokes (that Atlanta fans have come to terms with, just not any other fanbase of that season who sat out of the Super Bowl) — we pelted on the Packers. That was a great game for us. As was this.

    Andrew Lewis

    And yes — it’s Shanahan. But the above sounds cooler.

    Dixon Cider

    Andrew Lewis it’s Matt Ryan. He didn’t audible to run plays. He took the sack in the 4th to get out of field goal range and seal the deal

    Dawg Gawd

    @Dixon Cider Watch the game again. He didn’t voluntarily take the sack. It was the missed block by Devonta Freeman and aggressive playcalling by Shanahan that blew the game.

Jay Stiles

Mattie Ice came through like an mvp that he is

    Dawg Gawd

    @richard ray archuleta Great connection Mr. Chuleta. The man responsible for this feat just lost the game.

    Dawg Gawd

    @zac hannaman yep. sore losers. smh.


    Just like in the superbowl ….

    oh wait ….

    Tyler Sauls

    Tired of them shitting on my qb

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Moe Mrizzle1991

That’s my QB ❤️❤️

    zac hannaman

    Matt now has 38 fourth quarter come backs, 8th all time.


    @zac hannaman 29 4th quarter come backs- 38 game winning drives

Seahawks Fan

Seahawks 1st in the division

    Matador G

    Bruh Seahawks first in the NFC.

    Sleepy Head

    Matador G but when saints wins tomorrow night they get 1st

    Matador G

    Sleepy Head you right I forgot they play tomorrow.


    @Sleepy Head Wrong. They will still be behind Green Bay and Seattle

    Sleepy Head

    DJ SHUFFL3R OFFICIAL Saints beat the Seahawks so they win the tiebreaker

Curtis 23

Matty ice does it again ❄🔥



niner gang

The last 4 seconds were like 10 minutes

Skyron Flight

I know this season is over and Matt Ryan has pissed me off this season but Matty ice Ryan you made me proud to be a Falcons fan today

    zac hannaman

    If you blame Ryan for the Falcons issues you should look into watching a new sport.

    Alien Gamer77

    @zac hannaman The team around him is bad but Matt isn’t completely blameless either

    Skyron Flight

    @zac hannaman never did I say it was Matt Ryan fault I said Matt has pissed me off this season. Meaning with those crazy interceptions dang man if your a Falcons fan as me I hope we have a better next season

Jarvase dundy

Give Matt Ryan time in the pocket, he’ll curve you up. One of the best in the business.

    Sleepy Head

    I think that’s every QB if they have time in the pocket they’ll succeed lol

    Chris Barnes Barnes

    @Sleepy Head not every QB. Some QBs just have poor field vision and decision making. Winston for example. He is a amazing passer but he has very poor decision making skills. So many times I have seen him throw to early or to late, force the ball in a space where it shouldn’t be instead of trusting his oline and giving his receivers time to properly get open.

    Jo Br

    Well, he has Julio Jones!

    Trevon Thomas

    Sleepy Head nah, not when they know you’re going to pass it because you have no running game

Goose Wayne

All the 28-3 people wonder who was the OC for the falcons during that blow up

Steel Wingz

They call him Matty Ice for a reason 🥶🥶🥶❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

future hof’er… Matty Ice is one of the great clutch qb’s of all time ❄️ #gofalcons 😎💪

    Jamie Hobbs

    I honestly think the only thing that keeps him out of the HOF at this point is having no ring. Which we all know he should already have. But there might be hope left for that. Get the man an O-line and I think he still gets you a ring.


THAT’S MY ELITE QB! Don’t let his defense letting him down on SB 51 make you forget that


Matt Ryan is now 6-0 vs #1 ranked pass defenses! And had his 38th career game winning drive, most in the NFL since he was drafted in 2008, CLUTCH!!!

Trevon Thomas

Offensive line actually showed up today. That’s the difference for matty Ice. You give him a line he will carve anyone up

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