Quinnen Williams Exit Interview: “This Defense Has A Huge Bond” | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Thereal One

As long as we keep Jamal back there get him a great corner this defense will be great for years ❤️

Highly Skeptical

From big cuddly to big disappointment… Josh Allen should have been the pick.


    Way to early to be saying dat, quinnen could end up being a great player it’s a marathon not a race

    Salvatore Drakeford

    I mean he ls the reason we have a great run stop we have no lbs so we used him. Watch next year. You love to judge early don’t you

    Patrick Cardoso

    We wont draft IDL for years. He will be fine.

Travis Pisani


    5K RISK

    Your Stupid

    Patrick Cardoso

    Talking about the Franchise?

John Pratt

Damn can we clone the sack exchange please?

John Pratt

What you need to take from the game quinnen is sacks

Power in Truth

This dude spent more time on the ground than on his feet. Horrible disappointment.


    Power in Truth meanwhile he’s eating up blocks so Jamal can come off free and get free sacks

    Salvatore Drakeford

    We’re using him to eat up blocks and why we were top 3 in run stop but keep hating watch what happens once we get out lbs back


Definitely a disappointing rookie year. But we will have to see year 2 and beyond!

Greg Waters

Y’all gotta chill on Q. It’s hard to play any level of football with a high ankle sprain. Give it time. Leonard’s rookie year he looked like a franchise type player. It’s too early to say anything yet

stephen rampersad

Not even in the top 20 from his class,hes got slot of work to do


    in chris jones rookie year he had the same amount of tackles and sacks. in geno atkins rookie year he had less tackles and sacks. in jurrel casey’s rookie year he had more tackles and less sacks. the list goes on. you have to understand that even if Q is getting doubled on 80% of his snaps then it is good. it doesnt show up on the stat sheet. why do u think jamal had so many sacks? its because Q ate up double teams and opened holes for guys like jamal and jordan jenkins. Not every DT is the next 22.5 sack aaron donald. it takes time.

Bear 7453

Better step it up next season or else he’ll be traded like Leonard

- theObig

Biggest bust in recent history SMH!! They told us he was the next Aaron Donald and that he was the most dominant, I didn’t see any of that at all not even a glimpse!!!! Trade him and get a good haul because this is legit a “Leo 2.0 situation”


I hope they trade, him massively over drafted.

Genghis Khan

He’ll be a run stopper his entire career, which there is a surplus of in the NFL anyway… Josh Allen would have been a force on this D

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