‘A Changing of The Guard’ Coming for the Minnesota Vikings Defense? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

‘A Changing of The Guard’ Coming for the Minnesota Vikings Defense?

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, and ESPN Vikings Reporter Courtney Cronin continue their breakdown of the Minnesota Vikings 2019 season by examining the defense, which was again one of the NFL's best in 2019 but faces what could be an offseason of change with question marks about with several long-time pieces.

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It will bring me great sadness if we do not get to Super Bowl LV


    This might need to be a rebuild

    Echo Man

    @TH I feel like we don’t need to completely rebuild just like 2 or 3 players and fix the offensive play calling asap


    @Echo Man I agree, but it’s a matter of finding these players with limited cap. I was obviously hopeful about this season too, but knew we still mightve been a few pieces away. I think we’re close though for sure. It’s just that cap, man. We’re going to be put in tough places when spring comes around.

ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛

    Jacob Heil

    ryan damon vikings all the way

    Zipfel Mütze

    💜💛💜💛💜 from germany😂🇩🇪🇺🇸

Keith James

Eric Kendricks needs a update to his facial render in Madden.

    gary cobiak

    Let me guess becuase you want to make sweet gay love to him? Bahahaha

Jacob Heil

The Vikings are a great team, we just need to invest in an o line


Packers > vikings

    Gary Oak

    Dude the packers aren’t even a playoff caliber team. They’ve “officiated” their way to the playoffs like they have many times before. They will be getting blown out tomorrow. They have zero chance.

    The packers are the worst team in the NFC north.


    @Gary Oak ohhhhhhh ok

    gary cobiak

    Packers are gonna get embarrassed Sunday and it’s gonna be great.

    Noel Truong

    Vikings > Packers
    Vikings schedule < Packers schedule


    @Noel Truong they had like the same exact schedule you idiot. They play in the same division. Only difference is that the packers had to play the 49ers in the regualr season and you played the seahawks.

Robert Bard

I want to address Zimmer’s cornerback choices in the draft. Xavier Rhodes worked out, but very short term. Right now, he is toast. Slow and burnt constantly in 2019. He won’t be back in 2020, it appears. Trae Waynes was drafted in the 1st round, as was Mike Hughes. Busts, at least at this point. So, is Mike Zimmer a good evaluator of college CB talent?! No, imo.

    Digital Dino

    Robert Bard As far as our CB scenario, yes Rhodes needs to go. That’s why I think we use our first pick in the draft this year to get one. I personally would like Diggs brother from Alabama.

    gary cobiak

    Wayne’s has been oK. Not a bust. He tracks and stays with receivers well but he can’t ever seem to get his head around and defend the ball. Ex. the chiefs game where he let Tyreek Hill catch a 50 yrd bomb to win the game with 1 min left.

    SoCal Native

    Zimmer didn’t draft Rhodes.

maverick lewis

It’s Paul Allan!

gary cobiak

Good. I hope they shake some things up. Things are starting to get stale.

Kim N

Courtney’s correct Pro Bowl is a joke. All Pro is real standard.

    Stay Woke


maverick lewis

Hopefully Mike Hughes (CB) can stay healthy next season so that we can truly capture his body of work. Next season will determine where he stands in the major scheme of things.

maverick lewis

I think we might put the franchise tag on Anthony Harris. Definitely a keeper.

maverick lewis

Courtney gets my applause. Good insight into the world of the Minnesota Vikings.

jefferson turner

This woman has incredible knowledge about football

SoCal Native

Change gohn come

Michael Murphy

I would hire Paul as a defense coordinator and Courtney as offensive coordinator


Rhodes needs to go, sadly Cook is kinda predictable now knowing they will go outside with him so we need a better all around RB, O line for sure, and couple additions to the front 4

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