Top 10 Plays of 2019 | Detroit Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hunter Seabright

Good video

Carlos Lawson

Lions offense would have put them in the playoffs had they had a good defense let’s get it right this time guys come on!!

The Jeneral View

#4 was my personel favorite Stafford pass this season. The way the ball zipped through those 4 defenders 💪🏽😤


3:35 BPS still has some games left to save. we gotta make sure he retires A Lion.

Bananas Ooh nah nah

Nothing this channel posts could ever get me to forget about how pathetic the last 2 seasons have been. It almost physically hurts at this point to be a loyal fan.

    Carlos Lawson

    We were spoiled.

faze Jax


JJ Montero

Man I fucken love this video! #4 man that one had me jumping all crazy while watching the game at home. Then the replay with the fans reaction after the catch is crazy. Love this team man. Is it me or do we have the best team uniforms in all of the NFL. Faaaawwk I can’t wait for next season. 2020 we got this. DetroitVSeveryone




Stafford finally had a good WR since megatron and it kinda sucks tp our defense couldn’t pull through as well as the injury’s we had. This decade we are winning it for sure

Vanish Sarah

One Pride 💙🦁


One pride

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