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Quarterback Russell Wilson Week 17 Press Conference | Seahawks 2019

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson talks with the media on Thursday during week 17 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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    lets go HAWKS!!

Werdna Swag

Russ is the greatest hype man

    Straw Man

    he is respectful

    A Fucking Bird

    Russ is great but Mark Ingram is the best hypeman


    Richard Sherman steals that title 100% of the time

    Straw Man

    @ツJORDAN yes sherman needs to come back home too but most of the peeps who hate the hawks is because of his muhamad ali mouth. honestly. once the league figured out that he could keep up with speedsters. the chiefs and the rams took notice and exploited him. sherman is irrelevant in todays game but he was sooooo great.


Beast Mode here to save the season! Now we just need defense to be healthy. 💙💚

    Tyler Markward

    @Joe Cool Berry dam right

    mixtape get wit it

    We need clowney and diggs to stand a chance

    Jon p

    Defense need to watch out on the long pass and their tight ends. Clowney is back so the run is not a factor… Go Hawks!!

    Dan Nelson

    How bout the Seahawks O-Line , they are in real trouble.

    Jon p

    O line will be fine. Wilson will need to dodge a few.


only REAL hawks fans watch these press confrences!

    G W

    Seahawks have about 1000 fans if this were the case

    Tommy Nguyen


    Straw Man

    @Tommy Nguyen yes

    Straw Man

    @Tommy Nguyen I am surprised at the amount of fans that are still hung up on the past instead of remembering the history and what we have accomplished. they always focus on the negative while the patriots win every yr.

    ThaClick Lover4u

    Just checking to see if Ciara was there😳 don’t care bout no Rusty.


You got that right Russ! Beast Mode is a HOF RB.

    Jorgos Kaci

    Go hawks

    Big Tings

    C-Gal no question if he helps us get a 2nd ring!

    Carlos Chavez

    Hof dude has not been consistent the last 4 years thats why raiders released him

Hawks Fan

The Lynch who stole the NFC West!!!!

Mark Brown


BenYamin Ben-David

Bad loss last week but I hope that we learned our lesson and take a huge step forward as we prepare for the playoffs. Hope we take care of the 49ers and play our best football. With Marshawn being back I hope players on offense and defense feed off of the energy that he brings and start being more dominant and confident themselves. Let’s end the regular season with a bang. Hope to see a huge performance from Marshawn in his first game back. Hope that Russ and and the rest of the offense have a good game as well. More than just being consistent, being competitive, being dominant. Each of the guys Russ named brought that energy and level of focus to the game, that this team has really lacked and hasn’t had in a while. Hope that this Sunday sparks a new flame in Seattle and with the return of Beastmode comes the return of Seahawk dominance in the NFC. No matter who’s playing for us or who’s playing for them, make sure to play our best football, every down, every play, every moment.
Let’s end the regular season with a bang and really dominate all game long

Seahawks 34, 49ers 20

Go Hawks!

    BenYamin Ben-David

    Korie Creson I couldn’t agree more. It kind of hurts me though considering there’s more than enough talent on this team to be 11-3 and play like we’re 11-3 . We are where we are though sadly. Hopefully Marshawn return can bring that same energy back to the team

    Korie Creson

    @BenYamin Ben-David yeah, I believe !


    Cant beat niners under any circumstances

    Korie Creson

    @Geometric I’m sure you said that last time


    I hope but idk if we win by 14

UnX Format

Beast Mode and Turbo Together Now You Know You In Trouble! Let’s Go Hawks! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Dan Nelson

    Nope I think they need this game to try and win as a 5 seed opponent. Turbo and Lynch not at all ready for a 49ers but doesn’t mean they can’t fight their way back.

    trending vevo

    @Dan Nelson they are trust me

UnX Format

“We Got History”, “We Got Unfinished Business”. Go Hawks!

Giovanni Avella

We need some big plays from Russ on Sunday

Jonathan Larregui

Hey we need to talk about our pass protection…n d..fence

Steve Aitch

great to see lynch back., but homer deserves a few touches. love his special team effort, give him some big game experience. #GOHAWKS. fan since 1980.

    Brandon Bartlette

    Homer is third string for a reason. He can have some touches next pre season.

Tim Troth

Legion of Beast
This is the way…

    Luke Scarlett

    Tim Troth this is the way

Marc Amico

I’m simply hoping to God,Seattle’s O-line exists. Glad,Lynch is back. But,Seattle’s offensive line has been in limbo.

    June the Goon

    I feel ya!!! Our pass blocking sucks compared to our run block. We should be able to do better blocking for Marshawn versus blocking for Wilson.

    Jim Jim

    June the Goon
    The old Seahawk line that used to play with Marshawn Lynch, was there to push him forward – I don’t expect that this with this line.

    June the Goon

    Jim Jim I get that. I was referring to pass blocking vs run blocking. Run blocking should be a little better than pass blocking.

    Xuân Huỳnh

    The defense suck worst, between offense & defense, defense win championships…. That def is just real bad at this point and that leave offense less significant.

Games AreDifferent

I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

David Gabrie

What’s are the great signs Hawks will win?

1. Have not lost 2 in a row!
2. Lost game last week… usually more intense next game: FOCUSED!
4.#24 fired up team
5. It’s going to get LOUD!

Go Hawks!


    @SySpamsR2 just facts. 🤷‍♂️ you going to argue facts??

    Pinhead Larry

    AZguy 34-28 Seattle

    lew allen

    Ring Generalship ??? 33 bro. Frank gore is still going

    lew allen

    Ring Generalship offensive flaws injuries lolol if fully healthy damn. Our centre our left tackle our tight end two of our receivers 3 rbs lol what other team can get through that

    lew allen

    The f outta here lol

Yerusalem Abreha

He looks a lot happier than the last
Press conference!

Derik Lawing

The mentality is key. If we’re in the zone. We’re in. And that’s all there is too it

Josh Ruble

Every time I hear Russell talk, my man crush for him grows stronger. Lol, but seriously, what a fantastic football player and an even greater human being.

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