Running Back Robert Turbin Re-Signing Press Conference | Seahawks 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Running Back Robert Turbin Re-Signing Press Conference | Seahawks 2019

Seahawks running back Robert Turbin talks about his return to Seattle with the media on Thursday during week 17 of the regular season at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

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Flesh Cannon


Hawks Fan

Baby Hulk is back!!!


Truly underrated signing… this guy would’ve had more success with us originally if so many of his runs were called back for dumbass penalties! Let’s get it!!!

Charles Harrison

Strong minded & humble.

Brandon Maruszczak

Let’s go Seahawks and let’s go kill the 49ers please and Russell Wilson is awesome!!!

    Eli S

    @ThaClick Lover4u you’re not talking now your’e talking future. Right now seahawks are 1 and 0 vs 49ers. You can talk IF 49ers get a win.

    ThaClick Lover4u

    @Eli S 😚 Niners got this 🎮 we got your number now, found your weakness

    Om Patil

    @ThaClick Lover4u ok Boomer

    ThaClick Lover4u

    @Om Patil Thats right😳

    James Pringles

    Brandon Maruszczak you just came here cause you know you gonna lose your defense can’t stop us you qb is overrated and your receiver are avg


TURBOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think all the hype around Beast Mode Turbin is getting slept on. He is going to go off 49ers better keep their eyes 👀 on mini Hulk.

Hans Gruber

Turbo always seemed like a good dude, glad he got a chance

Rafa Pm

Carson and penny should watch turbo and beastmode in film for the rest of the season


    Carson and Penny are great in their own rights. Please.

    M A L V K A I

    @L they are both great. But these guys are vets and everybody can learn some things from one another.

    Andy Larson

    Carson is good

Fonzorelli 808

Beast and Hulk is back in da building.

Fumi S

Both Lynch and turbo atleast will be better blockers than Homer. These dudes look tougher and stronger than Travis Homer. Travis has speed but he’s not much of a blocker. Our O line needs all the help they can get protecting Russ…lol

    Emil D

    That’s a good assumption! I would like to see the receivers run better routs and get open. The office looks toooo simple!!

    Joe Schmo

    @Emil D
    That’s been the problem the past few weeks. Our WR aren’t getting open

    Minh Do

    They are better blockers and they can catch the ball.

    Springy Sloth11

    Joe Schmo I agree, but I also think that our O line is having their fair share of issues. Wilson is having to scramble to avoid d lineman, which puts extra pressure on our wide receivers, and they are feeling pressured, because our o line is pressured, and Wilson is pressured because of all of this physically and emotionally. Tough go all around in my opinion.

James Lee-South

Turbo’s Press Conference: almost 12 minutes.
Beast Mode’s Press Conference: about 12 seconds.

    Denise Felton


    Gary *****

    Lynch is still immature!!

Tim Troth

Turbin got me hoping Russells headset goes down again, let him call his own plays 😂

Ron Fleck

Really hoping he has a great game…no matter the outcome! Class act.


Turbin has a chance to stick with Seattle. 1 and 2 are going to need a couple weeks into 2020 season to be 100%..

    Lemuel Falcon

    That’s what I was thinking of too. Prosise is likely out the door, Carson and Penny it’ll be a while till they get back at full health since the injuries happened in December so I think Turbin will stay for at least another year but I wonder who’s the backup RB?


What fine man and human being.


i just realized he sounds like a older tyler lockett lol

shane nelson

I can see how him and wilson are good friends, he seems like a good dude. Always thought he ran hard as hell too he just never got much shine behind lynch. Maybe that changes on sunday

    Robert Barlow

    shane nelson Yeah, remember him having so many runs that were called back for penalties I really felt bad for the dude. The offensive line was averaging like 7+ penalties a game and it felt like they were always with Turbo on the field

Nolan Roche

Man robert sounds like such a good guy glad him in marshawn are back

Josh Ruble

Robert turbin is, and always has been a very intelligent human being and football player

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