Brett Hundley Wants to Start a Travel Show Series | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
ryan damon


Love Arizona

They are a joke!


    @Love Arizona go away, troll boy.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @esterixis just dont give him any attention

    Andrew Larson

    Everyone let him hate, no need to fight back against this guy


Cardinals arr growing some wins #go cards

Christian Garcia

My teamate in highschool, brett hundley # 16. Frosh and jv never hated on this man knew he was gonna shine,great family raised him. Chandler goat!!!!

    Stan ezen

    Did he get all the hoes?

Christian Garcia

My boy troy hurley !!!! Was good we used to chill on galveston at his grandma real talk

Bobby Cohen

As much as I dont want to see Brett Hundley go, he needs to be a starter.

Stan ezen

I’d like for us to sign him as back up. For a back up QB he’s getting paid handsomely with all those countries he’s trying to go to!!!

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