QB Eli Manning Discusses His Future with the New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rey Martinez-Swart

Eli will always be my Quarterback

    gilbert carmona

    Agreed 👍

    ChrisBcracker 31 - CBC31

    Forever and always

    joey martin

    Rey Martinez-Swart yes he well bro

    joey martin

    He been my quarterback Cents I was a kid love u Eli

    Dr RéaganEliedith PhD

    Éli Manning sera toujours mon qb

V 23

Hope eli make the best decision for his career. At this point I trust him with anything he does, and wish him nothing but success!

Jeremiah Burden

Eli My #1 Quarterback Love You Fam Hope Too See You Next Season

Michele Monae

Thank you Eli. It’d be great to see you for one more season, but thanks for everything you’ve done for the organization. Wishing you nothing but the best.

RoguePepper 9606

I hope Eli doesn’t retire and spends at least one more season for another actually GOOD team with receivers

    J Bux

    lmao exactly Eli still got it

    Christopher Strebeck

    Agreed..i hope he goes somewhere and at least makes the playoffs

    Nate S

    lmfao ok darius slayton, sterling shepard, and golden tate are all “bad” according to you? fucking idiot

    I Hate Everything

    Nate S chill my guy, the Giants have had a shitty o-line for YEARS, nothing eli could do about that. That said, I hope he retires, so his whole career was as a Giant.

Ron Whitehorse

Thank u eli for 2 super bowl victories and were pure class a true professional u will be missed good luck on your future I hope u keep on playing

Ron Whitehorse

Mr mara retire manning Jersey say what u want about his wins and loses 2 super bowl victories 2 super bowl mvps he will be missed get this team a defense

AdamsAudiVlog *

Love you Eli! He can’t see this but still let it be known. I love you

Ace Garcia

It’s clear that he’s done, he just doesn’t want to say it in some random interview.

dannydimes 415

Class act sad to see him go always will be my favorite player

    Paul Herbst

    Indeed, class and grace.

    Chris Armaos

    your whole account is around jones lmao

    dannydimes 415

    Chris Armaos cause it’s a new era


    You have Jones as profile picture lmao

Ambassador Scorpio

Eli is, today, the flaming banner that represents what is it like to be a Giants community member. You go straight to the bone, no sugar coating correct, blunt yet humble….Hardworking SOB that will make it…somehow..they will make it.. Parcells said about Phill Simms that he was a fighter, and so is Eli…Parcells also said about Simms that, “no matter what he went through, he was getting you the next time”…and Eli just nailed 2 Championships, not even having to wait for the next time..in fact, he confirmed it…When I look at Favre, Marino, Steve Young (total awesomeness), the barbie boy K Warner, Saint Drew, you name it Rodgers… they got only 1… Eli….. 2 Brady Bowls in the Bag…. sooo sweet..

Sean McGuire

Jaguars: *Fire Tom Coughlin*



    Sean McGuire We need to get rid of Gettleman and bring Tom Coughlin as a GM.

alex _courtney121


Professor Fitness

Damn I really hope he retires a Giant. Can’t see him in another jersey

    Jonny Moon

    MD D fumble that were cause got the giants have a horrible o-line he can fix the fumble problem DJ will be the future of the giants along side Saquon

    MD D

    @Professor Fitness .-tiki barber was a big mouth running back, who bashed Eli, and missed out on his chance for SB rings. Not a great comparison. Besides, my point is the Giants staff needs to surround DJ with good players on offense, and good players on defense.

    MD D

    @Professor Fitness I agree DJ can do well, he needs to learn the Russel Wilson slide when he runs, and do better holding onto the ball (or getting rid of it quicker) in the pocket. My point is that it is up to management and coaching to do a better job with player personnel.

    I Hate Everything

    Professor Fitness Me too. I dont want to see him be like Jordan on the Wizards.

Skeptik 864464

I hope eli sticks around for another season

Tre Williams

ELI Manning you are my favorite Quarterback and person in the world what ever happens next I hope you make the best choice don’t listen to the haters or critics do what you feel is BEST ❤️❤️❤️🙏😉

Dave Owens

Eli was tough as nails, and has not had an O line for years. Lots of respect for Eli, and gratitude.

Umbram Mortis

Eli and Peyton should start doing announcing games
The next madden and summerall


The Legend of the GOAT slayer 🔥🔥 thanks for everythin eli

Derrick jay

Thank you for helping me see my team win two rings before I turned 30.

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