Coach Tomlin wraps up 2019, talks Mason Rudolph, Devlin Hodges, Bud Dupree, injuries, free agency – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Tomlin wraps up 2019, talks Mason Rudolph, Devlin Hodges, Bud Dupree, injuries, free agency

Coach Tomlin spoke about a variety of topics in his season-ending press conference, including Mason Rudolph being named the backup quarterback in 2020, Devlin Hodges, Bud Dupree's free agency, injuries and more.

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Gia Pacella

Thank You…1st session I watched in years…loved it! New players fun to watch…🇺🇸🙂🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛👍

    Joey Franklin jr

    Agree a great season with the circumstances we were facing I

    Gia Pacella

    @Joey Franklin jr It was fun x 🙂


And things of that nature

Now The End Begins

Thank you, Coach Mike, you took a season that looked like a DISASTER and come out with a winning record. Good job! Looking forward to seeing #7 back.

    George Washington

    8-8 is not a winning record


Coach Tomlin is a good coach. Too many injuries throughout the year. Next year is our year. Make the draft picks this year actually on someone who will help the team out in a role that will help the damn team lmao

Michael Clyburn

Thanks Coach Tomlin! You did an excellent job with what you had to work with. You are a great coach and person. See you next year, GO STEELERS!

Michael Tewell

Thank goodness we have coach T I’m one of the few who don’t take him for granted. Please get rid of fitchner or at least demote him from offensive coordinator. He comes up with plays and routes that are way to complicated when they don’t need to be and becomes to simple when they need to be a little more confusing to defenses 😂 please please please bring in someone who isn’t 60 or 70 years old who will be a little more competent

Irvin Bracey

Pay Bud and Mike Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the League . Coach Tomlin the G.O.A.T


Damn…someone post a table of contents with timestamps!!!! Who has time for 30min of blah blah blah if I’m not being paid to listen! QB talk starts at 9:13

the_future_is_ relevant

Numb is the right word.

Malachi Solomon

All the haters say the Steelers are trash but we didn’t have a good enough backup to win us some games we are gonna be in the Super Bowl next year here we go Steelers

Charles Stevens

WE loss 2, count im 2, Super Bowl Championships due to ab, and LBell with his weed issues & injuries, and because football is a mental & emotional game it wears on us fans too. This is why we “MUST” do away with those who dont want to play with the quickness !!!!!! I picked the Steelers back in 74 because they were no nonsense and somewhere that has gotten loss and I hope its back! We appeared to be a team again this year the way the defense was flying around again, ………WE REFUSED TO TANK, and WE PLAYED “TEAM” FOOTBALL……AGAIN !yet we gotta get # 7 Championship before Ben retires. I hope this was our foundation audition and now we get a linebacker and a corner before we lose Haden as well and Haywood is no baby either.NOW IS THE TIME, STEELERS……….NOW !!!

Stan Sova

Hey you know what will help the Steelers get to the Super Bowl, give each player a ticket. Reason the players are getting hurt, not enough time in the weight room. Fat tears, Muscle strong.

Hunter Shore

I think we are not grateful of of the things we have before we look them. ( Big Ben)

faze gamer

Why does he blink so much

    Bernard Bernard

    Go away

Freddie's Kitchen

10:41 “What does Duck have to do to be back in the mix next year?” What mix is he speaking of? I really don’t want Duck mixed into any dish the Steelers are preparing. Meanwhile, a first round talent in Paxton Lynch, wastes away on the bench, as the season goes up in smoke.


    Lynch could be a star

Picasso Pete

Coach Tomlin sounds defeated. Next year will be one where we climb back to the top.

Rodrigo Martinez

Thank you coach 🙇🏻‍♂️

Johnny Knoxville

Fire this asshat. He doesn’t know how to challenge, he can’t put a defense on the field, he can’t win big games, Tomlin has PEAKED. He’s an average coach. Once Ben is gone, Tomlin will be what we saw this season. #FireTomlin


Paxton Lynch

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