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Can I get a hallelujah?

    James Williams


    Richie Rich


    Red Rooster


    The One

    Lol. They need to let the new coach bring in a whole new staff, on offense and especially on defense.

    krish Vakharia


Night Train

The rumor about Bill Belichick coming to Big Blue is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Although when I voted for Donald Trump I had no idea he would become the greatest president ever. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Blazin Fiya

    @Night Train You got racist Confederate flag worshipping bafoon all in your comments. Are you educated? Follow the money? Really? What’s the crime exactly? This was ALWAYS public knowledge. Why not investigate in 2017? 2018? But 2019? Why? Hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 No investigation with Biden name on it in Ukraine. Corrupt prosecutor NOT investigating corruption KNOWN by US and our allies forces corrupt prosecutor (Previous corrupt admin) to resign. Nothing SECRET!! No defiance of subpoenas or refusal to cooperate with oversight. No investigations of Republicans requested. 2017 Trump released Aid to Ukraine. No DELAY. NO HOLD.
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    Facts don’t help Trump. All people who testified under Oath are TRUMP appointees. Every One. No bias Democrats. Better pray 3 or more Republican Senators don’t switch or it’s history.

    Night Train

    @Blazin Friya chicken.Remember who said who was drinking what first. You’re the racist because you can’t see the other side of the coin. All you have is talking points but you spoonfed. That’s your new name spoonfed ha ha. You are the racist bastard.

    Night Train

    Blazin Friday chicken One more thing spoonfed. I fly only one flag ,the American Flag .I don’t claim to be anything else but. I doubt you could say the same racist bastard.

    Sedan Smith

    … Putin knew He would be the greatest president for Putin.

Professor Fitness

Matt Rhule lets go!!!!

    Richie Rich

    Professor Fitness yes Matt Rhule please!

    Adrian Rodriguez


Dan K

Can we please just get Ron Rivera and revert back to a 4-3 D? I honestly think they have the personnel in place already to run a 4-3.

    Johnson SwansonJohnson

    Dan K well i guess technically speaking its not pen to paper official – but rapoport/schefter both said its pretty much a done deal rivera is out to the redskins very soon, probably tonight/by the end of the week

    Dan K

    @Johnson SwansonJohnson fuuuuuuuuuuuq

    Johnson SwansonJohnson

    Dan K oh yeah i know trust me, rivera would have been a good fit i think. However, there are a couple somewhat notable choices out – after mccarthys lackluster couple of last years he claims he scrapped all his past football knowledge & is innovative as he’s ever been. Id say him/ Rhule may get an interview, chiefs OC, and Dallas’ CB coach are getting interviewed by the giants too for HC. (Dont know their exact names honestly off the bat) so we’ll see, as long as shurmur is gone

    Dan K

    @Johnson SwansonJohnson I think we need a defensive minded coach. We could probably fill some of our needs with free agency and focus on rebuilding the O-line and adding depth to the D in the draft.

Brian Curry

Time to hand the keys of the organization over to the coach they should’ve hired w decades ago… BILL BELICHIK nets total autonomy and I believe he’d be back in a New York Minute !!! This would be the one job he’d leave Patriots for.

    Brendan Parisi

    youre nuts

    Aaron Garcia

    That’s like saying Nick Saban would leave Alabama

    Brian Curry

    @Aaron Garcia Given the right circumstances Belichik would. I’m sure he’s wishing Garrapolo was his QB now. Say what you may, listen to BB speak of the Giants and his time there he’d absolutely jump ship given the control he’d demand. And don’t doubt Maras aren’t regretting George Youngs opinion of BB.

tractor fone

It’s to bad they didn’t fire that below avg GM Dave G. Ranked in the lower half of GM’s. Poor FA, Poor Trades , It takes more then drafting to be a good GM. And when the Giants are drafting near the top of the Draft they should come away with a Gem or 2


Been watching John and Lance for years and are part of the reason why I started my channel. Great to see them here on YouTube!


    KidBlueRB27 just give the guy booster seat please!

vince kelly

Results in 4th quarter is the true test of a coach
Shurmer failed

BDMF 1967


mr finess

Lance and Paul make this show tough to listen to


    mr finess even tougher to watch

Samuel Alexander

Clock and general game management. Bottom line, the handling of those two lost the G Men more than a few games these past two seasons.

Red Rooster

So glad that loser finally got fired! Please dont hire some soft “qb guru” who lets the fire go out!

Barboski 79

I’d replace these guys also. Put The Entertainah and BadDogg in for them!!

Vance Bilow

12 wins 37 losses for the giants over there last 49 games

Zach Miner

Shurmur’s in game play calling was pitiful. Turrrrible.


Whoever the next coach is….please create a defensive scheme/Gettleman please draft someone with the ability to cover the tight end. And also someone who can block on the offensive line. The QB should be able to take a 3 step drop without having someone already wrapped around him. Thank you.


Matt Ruhl is the answer.

Adrian Rodriguez

Giants give Matt Rhule a chance 🙏🙏


The owners need replaced when they fire a coach every 2 years like they are the Browns. If they cared about the fans they would sell the team to someone who knows something about football cause they clearly don’t. Now Jones has to learn a new system in his 2nd year something that could easily stunt his growth. What now Mara and Tish gonna hire another Good OC to be the HC or a collage coach with no NFL experience cause you don’t know what you are doing. You clearly didn’t take all the young players we have on the team into consideration for this decision at all. Especially Daniel Jones. Young teams need to grow with a coach not have a new one every other year. How are we gonna build any chemistry when you won’t let anyone plant and grow. You can’t expect Pat to take this bad team he inherited cause of other dumb owner moves. And put them in the playoffs in just 2 year you are delusional and don’t know the game. This is seriously amateur hour with you owners. You don’t have it let it go sell the team so the Giants can return to glory. Unless you wanna be selfish and just drown the future while finding 1 scapegoat after another. Cause you are to stupid or proud to know yous are the problem period.

Kermit DaGangster

Giant greatness is D. Pass rushers….that’s our formula to work on. Need a tactical coaching staff. We’re the 3rd youngest team in the NFL. Also, bring back the old 80’s throwbacks Jerseys. GO G-Men!

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