Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman on State of the Team – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lamar Bowman

They need to get Matt Rhule, I just think he’s the one, who agrees?

    Lil Robux

    @Bob His philosophy is what we need

    Kung fu Kenny

    Matt Rhule is painfully overrated. Dude doesn’t even call plays or set up gameplans for his team, his coordinators do. Hire someone who has had success in the nfl please

    Anthony G

    Devon Millar He didn’t turn down the Jets job because of money. He turned it down because they weren’t willing to offer him a larger say in personnel decisions.

    Wilton George

    Mike Mcarthy first Matt Ruhle second

Cook'n W/ Curry

Please get an O-Line for Barkley. Keep your QB and RB future healthy and intact PLEASE!

    James Porter

    Needs to be first and foremost !

    Colin Stapleton

    Andrew Thomas > Chase Young

    Erik Hess

    Facts we need oline so bad still

    Vihaan Jhingan

    I thought I was alone! Some one gets me

Chris Moss

The state of the team is that they are soft and were out coached weekly.


    Point blank period



    Frank White

    100% truth

Lil Robux

Please bro, if you get an o lineman in the first round and get a good HC I will be happy


Making a “tough decision” requires using a bit of your brain cells

    kenny Joseph



Dave Gettleman talks to Jordan Raanan like a child 😂


    6th round draft pick, nobody QB? No WRs? Got rid of ODB jr? Has yet to fix O line for generational RB talent like Saquon Barkley? And no winning energy presented here at this press conference? Fire this guy FAST? Oops, we’re talking about a NY Team!!! They all SUCK!!!

    jimmy r


    Nick D

    @Pete Nicoletti and even to that he attempted and really only missed 1 out of 2. Zeitler was pretty damn solid for us Solder not at all but with the Solder situation at least he addressed it attempted to fix it unlike the previous GM

    Jimmy E



When Dave smiled it reminds me of Kevin James smile it’s weird

Dman Entertament

Dave Gettlman that’s my GM lol but in all seriousness he deserves 1 more year he drafted us good and got us 80millon in cap space 2020 DG will make us a winning team

    Colin Stapleton

    3 more years minimum. He inherited a Panthers team that had a few holes to be filled, whereas the Giants were a dumpster fire when he came in

    Jimmy E

    Yes he will

    Brian Phillips

    In Dave we trust

La cruZeta

Victor Cruz “””” Salsaaaaaa!

Ricky Alfaro

Get this guy outta here bro

Ty Ballard

Williams was a bad trade ! We could of just fill that need in the draft. I swear dude messes teams up and lives in the past. 🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s 2020 we need more energetic personal in office and coaching

Mike C

Sounds exactly like Vic Dibitetto at the beginning.


Gettleman is delusional. Progress, encouraged, set up for future. Wtf, you lost 9 in a row and the team needs help at nearly every position.

Kennon Boone

You should be fired!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sonia Farfan

    @Nick Bruno youre an idiot pat misused all the weapons dave provided him via draft


After watching 20:00 of this, conclusion? This guy needs to be FIRED!!!

    muhammed King

    Say That

Lucid Worlds

Bro I’m weak “let’s go to Pat, the other Pat” 🤣🤣

    David Riedy

    So many Pats

James McCracken

what I will give him credit for is redoing our scouting department, because it appears he has drafted better than Reese.

David Riedy

Man, just watching this video makes me realize how tough it really is to play on a New York team and be asked all these questions from the New York media. Definitely not for everybody.


Give him one more year! I liked his honesty! Fire Bettcher please! Bring in Rhule as HC!

Louis marangolo

Good you’re taking responsibility? RESIGN!!!

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