Predicting the Rest of the Playoffs: Who is Winning Super Bowl LIV? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Pac Meez

Niners/Vikings match up well against each other. Should be a good game

    Jay Walker

    @BANG_BANG NINER_GANG This is the playoffs I want to play SF in the title game we’ll see if it falls that way


    @Obi Wan keep dreaming buddy💛❤️


    @Jay Walker who ever we play good luck and may there be no injuries.


    @Orono Caden sound dumb😂🤣


    @Orono Caden look at yo pfp kid😂😭

Yo Yo

I’m just happy the patriots lost

    Austin Madore

    Big Law LLC bandwagon alert

    Austin Madore

    butter knife 21 bandwagon alert


    Yours Truly. Hahah you’re so salty, patriots are gonna lose so many fans next year when they don’t win the SB🤣🤣

    Big Law LLC

    @Austin Madore I’m a Steelers fan💪🏈 and i was 😞disappointed in our season. But Devin Bush and T.J watt were the bright spots on defense. Personally i’ve always liked the Patriots because they draft a lot players from the Crib🌞🦍🏈(South Florida) just like my Steelers over the years.


Man people stay disrespecting the 49ers


    @SABATON/5FDP Fan06 yep💯🤷‍♂️


    @Henry D Dude, the eagles would not beat the seahawks even with wentz

    GamingWithAlex&Chris Ross

    Not Doree boy is dumb they disrespecting the miners the Vikings is dookey their tight end pushed off to win the game and Richard Sherman not gonna allow all them passing yards tf

    ArTicc Dub

    I swear they always doubt us

    Zehrudin Hasanovic

    @Windemif there qb didn’t get hurt it would of been a close game. Seahawks didn’t show much at all.

Lieutenant Nomad

It’s gonna be Ravens and 49ers.


    @Legend Slayer lol

    Barrett Bryan

    That’s the safe answer. Not happening.


    Let’s not pull a 2017 Steelers.

    Yo Yo

    Nobody wants to watch the niners and their refs vs the ravens


    Lol the favorites to win it again. Can’t wait to see what the underdogs will do

James Mcclary

I’ve never seen a one seed with home field advantage get soooo little respect 😂

    -Z3us -

    Michael G nah my ravens got this

    Aaron Proctor

    When Cousins gets pressured, he makes bad decisions. That’s in Niners favor, no one pressures the QB like we do. Get your popcorn ready because it’s gonna be a blowout. 49ers 34 Viks 13

    Austin Madore

    Did you not see the 2017 eagles?

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @# LONERAVEN and the Vikings definitely can’t tackle George kittle

    Tamara Saouaf

    James Mcclary don’t worry when the day rolls around they will see what a beast of a team they are up against

Gerard Stevenson

I’m going to underestimate the Vikings. Kirk Cousins is only good for a wildcard game. 49ers win this game by 2 touchdowns.

    Austin Big Baby Johnson

    Gerard Stevenson YESSIR

    Gerard Stevenson

    @Austin Big Baby Johnson (In a Chris Tucker voice) And you know this mannnnnn💯💯😎


    @SKOL NATION Let the Vikings go out there and do it again. Upset with the win over the Niners.

    Either way will be a great game to watch this Saturday

Dre Moses

he must be drunk drunk lol

    Freshaihh Rj

    Dre Moses drunk asf


    worda me🤦‍♂️😂


Honestly I think the titans upset the ravens

    King Zach

    Lol damn that patriots game gave you guys a major confidence boost. We will see tho #ravensnation

    Johnny McCollum

    @King Zach nope. Being a good team that can beat anybody and run the ball at will makes them confident.

    Johnny McCollum

    @King Zach the titans are alot better then what people give them credit for and i hope baltimore over looks them because they will get smacked in the mouth real quick.


Because its this guys predictions im picking all the other teams

    Jacob Bias

    @Capid Razzlx no it will be 49ers and Chiefs

    Manuel Hauser

    @brian cutshall yes the Titans are very strong 🏈. Can’t wait to see the next games

    Patrick Mendy 2020 the game player auttp athdtc

    brian cutshall hi

    Julian Farnfield-Sykes

    Eric Sumpter Did you see the regular season game ?

Hi Lol

As much as I love packers
49s vs ravens is inevitable

    Jeremy Jones Jr.

    Its funny how errybody think the ravens gon beat us Chiefs 😂😂. Like stop sayin 49ers vs. Ravens, ravens gotta pass us first tf😂

    Daniel Coronado

    9ers ain’t even making the SB lol

    Sean S.

    Not even close lol. It’s funny seeing all the people that think like you when the chiefs will wreck them like they did earlier this season. Chiefs beat 9ers in SB

    Sean S.

    ARP Studio I’m pretty sure you’re the only person in the free world who actually wrote that the Titans would play the Vikings in the SB. Lol I truly hope that’s not your real prediction…

    Sean S.

    Capid Razzlx EH! Wrong! Chiefs/9ers


Ravens vs 49ers/Seahawks

    Logan Vokes

    brizzle711 Ravens aint going to the Super Bowl


    Logan Vokes you joking right? But then again, we shall see. Anything can happen.

Flabby PigLegs

Yea more failed predictions by “analysts”


    No way the Eagles would ever beat the seahawks EVEN with Wentz. Russ is 5-0 against them.

    perfect stranger

    hahaha …this week sounding humble after picking Saints – pats superbowl last week . had everybody going cep me! lol tards

    Matthew Rosemeier

    Infernocus HA the Seahawks would of still beat them with Wentz

    perfect stranger

    talk talk like politicians – zero accountability …prolly predicted hillery 2016

    perfect stranger

    “no one has found a way to stop LJ…the Vikes have something special.” sb prediction – “KC over GB” lol

Plugged in TV

Y’all pick titans to lose everytime lol we love being the underdogs

    OG SellOut

    Same they sleep on our whole division I’m a Texans fan

    Sean S.

    ChinsHyperBTW you must be new to football. You just said no team has an answer for the Ravens lmmfao. Chiefs will dismantle them like they did EARLIER THIS SEASON. Get your football knowledge up.

    Kasra Estedadi

    @ChinsHyperBTW I’m not saying Ravens are gonna lose, but if the Browns beat them this season, anything is possible.

    Jordan Davis

    @Kasra Estedadi Bruh that was week 4. The Ravens have revamped their team since then. Please stop bringing up that game as a sign that the Ravens can be beat


    @Mr Solitude u a bandwagon kid stfu🤡


I feel like it’ll be 49ers ravens instead

    Rowdy Jr.

    Winner: Ravens 😎

    Dr Shwazz

    Boring that’s already happened lol but definitely possible

    Sean S.

    Dr Shwazz do you know how many times 2 teams have played each other more than once? You must be new to football….

    Sean S.

    Chiefs/9ers. Chiefs win it all #ChiefsKingdom

    Tyler Kriesel

    Vary un-original theory.


I swear picks like this encourage me I can do this job.

    Austin Big Baby Johnson

    manetane47 FAX

19-Year Old Veteran

“San Francisco has the hottest offense.”

Baltimore: *NANI?!*

    Danny Perry

    RoushX Lamar, Mark Ingram, Edwards, Mark Andrews, Hollywood brown, hill, and the other TEs. I’d say Lamar isn’t the only good one on the twam

    William Beer

    19-Year Old Veteran rlly annoying

    Zehrudin Hasanovic

    What you confused about dweeb? 9ers taking it all.

    19-Year Old Veteran

    William Beer ok boomer


    @Zehrudin Hasanovic hahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahhahhahahhahahha

codename kid next door




Tyus Williams

Cheif nation all the way ✊🏽

Juan Pablo González

Your predictions sucked last week and all season long 🤣, so we know now: Seahawks vs. Niners for the NFC

    Sean S.

    Juan Pablo González youre only able to pick who makes it to the NFC Championship game? Well that’s even worse lol

    Bubba Cow

    @Sean S. well guess what he might think afc is right and it is just a statement

Nick Johnson

Who else wants to hear Kirk say “You like that!” On the podium after they win the Super Bowl?

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