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Bent Ice

I judge this decision.

    Youtube OG Since 06'

    Please stop

    ghost in the shell357

    Not funny lol

    Bent Ice

    ghost in the shell357 very funny lol.

    JJ Castro Jr

    Don’t judge him just yet 🤣



Jeffrey DragonFire

How many patriots coordinators are going to become coaches😂

    Clint Richardson

    Detroit is interviewing their water boy.

    damien silva

    Jeffrey DragonFire same way all of parcel old cord. Became head coaches

    Jerry Junior

    Rowdy Jr. good luck against Green Bay

    Jeffrey DragonFire

    Jerry Junior lol once Wentz went down I knew we were gonna lose. But didn’t you say that Marshawn was gonna run all over us because we didn’t have the #1 ranked run defense?🤔 good luck trying to win the division next year😆

Chris Anderson

I’m pretty sure Giants fans would take him over Jason Garrett 10/10

    Doug Carter

    Way so TRUE that.👊

    Adam Meyer

    By the looks of it, they might be getting both lol


    Micah Wilson so you’d take Adam Gase?

    The stick

    No I think Jason Garret is better because of his experience

    Go Giants4

    Chris Anderson I would

Vince Vlogs

OMG NO WAYY!!!!!!!!

Giants 2020 season-3-13


    Good. Draft Trevor Lawrence then.


    Hey …. John Harbaugh was a ST coach 🙄


    Hector Rodriguez Ruke was like some 8 year 80 mil deal 😂


    Vince Vlogs lol

Max kaliber

Anyone thought the caption said “ patriots hire Joe Judge as head coach” .?

    Jeremy May

    Max kaliber yeah




    Imagine the dynasty ending with Brady throwing a pick 6 on his last pass ever and the Patriots replacing Belichick with the special teams coordinator


    Here come the JUDGE!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Dmitriy Torchillo

When are my browns gonna get a coach lmao we have had like 5 interviews.

    Dennis MacDonald

    @Jay Chung lmfao, belichick’ coached for browns but guess that ruined his career

    sOcs Razor

    Dennis MacDonald that was before they became an actual embarrassment


    Dennis MacDonald Browns actually used to be good back in the day. Hard to believe huh? Lol

    Gregory Megatron

    Jim Schwartz or Jim Caldwell to coach the Browns

    Dennis MacDonald

    @boxing97 been a Browns fan 40 yrs so I know

Dee Reese

Brady starting for giants

Fork and plate

Joe judge sounds like one of those reality tv judges name.


    “All rise, court is now in session. The honorable Judge Joe “Don’t call me Judge Joe” Judge presiding.”

    JJ Castro Jr

    @TryHardCrowTitsHandsUp 🤣😂


    Clearly Judge Joedy

    Sean S.

    Is it because his last name is Judge, Captain Obvious?!?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Lemuel Sinclair

Love it, different and refreshing… Don’t worry NY, there were laughter and doubt when we drafted DJ

    Shanell Campbell


    Piglet Smith

    King Amen-Tut-Ankh are you really talking as a Cowboys fan bud


    Lemuel Sinclair I’m not a giants fan so I wouldn’t know, what did Daniel Jones even do this year That was an improvement? I get hes a young qb who needs to get into the Rythm, but I was expecting improvement…did they?

    Piglet Smith

    SpoofyGreenGhost Yes he did. He started making less turnovers

Simus Says

He was LAUGHING about this. That says EVERYTHING about this hire!!!🤣🤣

    Simus Says

    @Elijah Mitchell blah blah blah

    Elijah Mitchell

    Simus Says exactly no comeback lmao🥱

    Nicholas Duprey

    Simus Says it’s not that funny

    Simus Says

    @Nicholas Duprey yes it is, very funny. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    drsamw pepper

    @Elijah Mitchell Ptricia was tought u der Bellicheck.


Get ready for another losing season giants fans 🙄

    julio guzman

    Im ready

Post Stalone

This just in, the Browns hire Jason Shmitty, Bill Belichick’s barber as head coach.

    T B88

    Post Stalone the Bucs just hired a guy who once met Bill Belichick in a bar in 1982….or so he says.

    Daoud Aqtash



    Browns Logic: well he does talk to Belichick a lot!lol

    Dubious Fizzgig

    So, a step up from Kitchens?


Before you come and say
“ special teams coordinators aren’t gonna be good head coaches”
Special Team Head Coaches: John Harbaugh was a special teams coach.

    Cody Cha

    Andy Volmar dude that’s the whole point. They had experience as a head coach or coordinator *before* becoming a NFL head coach

    Andy Volmar

    @Cody Cha but John Harbaugh was a special teams coach before they hire him if he is successful it dont matter down the line


    BRIAN because that’s join harbaugh this is a no body


    NotNuvo you’re real smart


    BRIAN just accept it y’all are literally gonna go 0-16

Daniel Rice

As a Giants fan, I have no idea how I feel about this….

    Bamz Santana

    Steve Robbins facts I think he’s going to be great like the Daniel Jones pick a lot of promise

    Clint Richardson

    As long as they dont bring back Ray Handley we will be OK.



    Pulkit kumar

    This is a stretch, no matter how you look at it

B. Roemer


bootfan !!

I can see the NY Post headline when he’s fired in a couple years… ‘Judgement Day!’

Cal Caleb

This is why we continue to laugh at the Giants 😂😂

    Go Giants4

    Cal Caleb why ? Ppl laughed and Daniel Jones and he did good and now we laugh at u.

Daniel Crouse

Damn another one, the whole league worked for Bill


say what you want, the guy had Belichek’s respect. And I would take him over Garret ANY day

NYGEEZ State of Mind

Thanks Charlie needed to hear that..We got a good one in Joe Judge 🎯 GMEN

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