Cowboys Players Sauce and Toss Wings | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Players Sauce and Toss Wings | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Kerry Hyder and Christian Covington went to Wingstop and tried their hand at saucing and tossing some wings. Check out how they did and their favorites from the menu!

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potato master 123

I’m hungry

TheBigShow 2025

First how about themmm boyzzz🤠

Morgan King reberson

Cool and i Hungary

Paul Paul

Look like a whole lotta good eating to meeeee!

Wallas Espinoza

What’s your opinion on Jason G. Being fired ?

    Julian Alvarardo

    You mean Sir Claps Alot



Buffalo Wild wings

Wing Stop – straight garbage.

Lorraine Nisbet

The o-line get to eat what ever they want and the skilled positions stick to a diet

Evan Toonz

I just noticed these player barley play in games 🥶🥶

    marquese hall

    Lol u just noticed

    Brett Moltner

    Christian got reps on the defense

Evan Toonz

HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS everybody put that in the replies

Jeff Holland

Got plenty of time now to Clown Around, the good teams are still playing football!



Carlos Juan

how bout dem cowboys I’m hungry


Their cowboys edition hot lemon pepper arnt good 🤢


Christian seems to have a great personality and lots of energy, Go Cowboys!

Mystery Man

Eat em up! They look delicious and just when I am up for a good grub to bite on.

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