Position Coaches Weigh In On Pro Bowl Selections | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Position Coaches Weigh In On Pro Bowl Selections | Minnesota Vikings

Hear from Minnesota Vikings Running Backs Coach Kennedy Polamalu, Defensive Line Coach Andre Patterson, and Defensive Backs Coach Jerry Gray on the selections of Dalvin Cook, Danielle Hunter and Harrison Smith to the 2019 Pro Bowl.

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ryan damon

1st SKOL 💛💛💜💜🏈🏈🏈

Caden Ollom

The fact that Eric Kendricks isn’t in the pro bowl is a complete joke. And why not Kirk Cousins?


    no way hes not..

    Caden Ollom

    @LAMOOOW Yup that’s what I thoight

    Owen Jansen

    CJ Ham low-key got snubbed too

Erik Ramos


Elon Musk

Kirk Cousins was robbed….

TheReal SwagMaster

Kendricks got snubbed


I want to see an on-camera curse-laden tirade by Adam Zimmer on Kendricks being snubbed.


1:50 damn shoulda showed his 3 long steps and dive, makes the play look more beast than it already is

Blake Martin

Erik Kendricks got robbbeeedddddd

Dayton J Vlogs

Kendricks got robbed so hard he lost his contract and desire to play football

    SG Nation

    Dayton J Vlogs ?

    Dayton J Vlogs

    SG Nation it’s a joke


Kendricks, diggs, and cousins got snubbed

Kim N

Probowl means nothing. All Pro means everything. Casual fans vote for Probowl not knowing squat about most teams. All Pro is by the players and they know what’s what.

Mark Wills

No Kendriks?


also wtf why not ant harris he has 5 ints???

Tee Moncrief

Super bowl bound no need Skol !!


Kirk has gotten better but they put Rogers who’s nothing special anymore

Steve Holmvig

Is it not the fan’s responsibility to vote players in? Maybe the fans aren’t as excited about the team? The players can only do so much. Kendrick is the key to our defense. Period.

Gavin’s Savage

Make this video have no dislikes 102 likes and 0 dislikes

Gavin’s Savage

That’s what it has so far

Daniel Colburn

Biggest snubbs for Vikings players:
Kendricks and Ham

Also Snubbed, but not as much:
Harris, Diggs, and Cousins

This has gotten me more mad than it should have.

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