Highlights of The 2020 Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl Players – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Highlights of The 2020 Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl Players

Watch highlights of Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, DE Danielle Hunter and S Harrison Smith from the 2019 season.

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Reid Martin

Kendrick’s got absolutely robbed


    Reid Martin he’s the best coverage linebacker in the league


    Of course he did the NFL hates the Vikings


    @Mossafied84 cut the victim mentality out. It makes us Vikings fans look pathetic.


    Chill man don’t really care how I look to other people

    Reid Martin

    Jaccobtw and he’s an insane tackler

XxxJaDeN PeRkInSXxx


TheDimerJr Jason

suprised cousins not in this he’s having a season

    Richard Harper

    Media doesn’t like him


    They have rodgers and his officials but not kirk

    Richard Harper

    He’ll be busy in the Superbowl anyways

    TheDimerJr Jason

    yes sir.

PITT4LIFE Steelers County

Diggs where is he

T Cheng

Kirk got snubbed too

ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛

John Lawson

Glad Dalvin made it but wtf why isn’t Kendricks in there

Marcos G

Really no EK? What else has a mlb to do? Omg

Theo Freier

I guess being a legit candidate for DPOY doesn’t make you a pro bowler. Huh.

Chris K47

Kendricks, Diggs, and Cousins all deserved a spot but oh well we will be busy with the super bowl anyway

    Chris K47

    @Orenthal Simpson the falcons beat the niners sunday i mean come on. You dont think the vikings could end up in the super bowl? Lol.

    Chris K47

    @Orenthal Simpson hope so, SKOL

    Tenno Tube2

    Orenthal Simpson I made an essay on how the Vikings can get the 1 seed in the NFC in class and everybody laughed


    Tenno Tube2 Yup, all other playoff teams need to lose out & SF/SEA need to tie week 17. I’d say we got a good chance lol.

    Aiden Greene

    Make that Kendricks,Cook,Rudolph or Cousins


Kendrick’s and Cousins got robbed. EK is the best LB in the league this year and Cousins is only behind Russ and Brees in the NFC

ThorkageMOB 12%

Cousins, EK, and Diggs got snubbed

Alex Tornberg


    SerP3nt Miles

    Alex Tornberg Thielen got hurt so he could not put up the numbers he wanted and diggs this was not his year with all the dropped passes

tim allen

Kendricks ?

Dayton J Vlogs

Kendricks, Diggs and Cousins should’ve all gone

    Bjhustle 87

    No need because we will hopefully be playing in the super bowl

    XD Productions

    @Bjhustle 87 I love that positivity!

Vichingo 23

The obvious snubs of diggs, cousins and kendricks are terrible. But i want to give some love to the unsung hero cj ham who did not get the full back spot.

    Daniel Colburn

    Ham should have been in for sure

Drake Jones

Damn they got Kendricks messed up smh

Bao Lee

where’s stefon he is underrated as hell tooooo underrated


Eric Kendricks🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ RO🅱️🅱️Ed

Carter Reimann

Bruh they hating on MVP Cj Ham

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