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Sounds of the Game: Minnesota Vikings 39, Los Angeles Chargers 10

Get an inside look at some of the critical moments that led to the Minnesota Vikings' 39-10 win over the LA Chargers in Los Angeles in Week 15, including bench sound and reaction, Paul Allen's calls, and more.

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lol I just saw this on twitter before it was posted here

Elijah Horsman



Luv these videos. Keep em coming. SKOL!



Chris S

I couldn’t wait for this to be posted lol


We’re gonna be 9-0 in home games lmao

Chandler Thoma

Bring wobby back wtf


We can beat the packers, tuff game but we got this go vikes! #skol

capri sun

Keep it up boys!!!

Hollywood T

Our 3rd string RB could literally start for 3/4ths of the NFL right now. Sometimes depth is a real gem…


    T Diggz

    Boone has been solid for years so glad they kept him at the beginning of the season.. ive seen him do this every snap during preseason for years


That was one weird freaking home game!


Im a Pittsburgh fan but i respect the vikings. Beautiful fanbase and spirit. Real ballers. Definitely got a shot with this unpredictable season. Good luck guys 🏈💜

Lawrence Daniels

Best off season move??…Getting Gary Kubiak out of retirement, how many teams have a recently SB coach, no “spotlight” offensive consultant!!!….

hothand 132

put it CC at 1:58. “Fatty dinner bowl Is Loose” 😂

Ephemis Priest

Gets through the block, knocks the ball out, finishes the tackle, gets up ready to get the ball if needed, sets up the run for the recovery, blocks for the run, keeps going with his guy in case anyone would catch him, and helps him celebrate with the fans. Hunter literally did everything a player could do on that fumble return.

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