Player’s Lounge: Has The Problem Been Fixed? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Player’s Lounge: Has The Problem Been Fixed? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

With Danny McCray still celebrating LSU college play off birth Ben Ben Bullock joins Barry Church and Newy Scruggs to discuss if the Cowboys change a kicker will help the Cowboys get back on track following their third straight loss on this episode of the Player's Lounge!

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This is my new favorite show.. Radio gold, great host

Jammal Williams

Cowboys got to get it together” players got to look them selves in the mirror” and play better on the field, stop listening to all the hype off the field,that u got the most talent.. act like it then’ stop spiting in wind..& fooling yourself..

    Brian Waller

    Dude they’ve been saying the same regurgitated rhetoric after every lose. Just stfu and go win games

Kris _____

Lowkey this guy should be permanent on the show. Like how he bounced off the guys. All the other shows have 4 why not this one.

Jammal Williams

Cowboys need run a 3-4 Defense” that cover 2 scheme” is out dated” our players don’t fit that scheme” were to light in the Azz” plus it’s to predictable, but all the HoT- Boyzs are playing like trash,and they all got is time to play for pride,cuz it’s Ridiculously how there playing..

Jammal Williams

Simple to me Rotate the division each year” you want have that problem” Patriots benefit from a weak division every year .

    Brian Waller

    I say any losing team forfeits their playoff spot to the next team with the highest wins that didn’t get the wildcard.

Arnold Escobar

Great input, good show!


Maher should’ve been cut after Week 5.


Urban Myer

Jerroid Rhone

We drafted for this scheme. We hired for this scheme. You can’t change it now. You have to make due with what you have. And truthfully, if they would just tackle well we could be a decent defense. Too many missed tackles…

All up in the videos....

I called it… accountability


Is Jerry still alive? Then no, the problem has not been fixed. Please die, Jerry.

Louis Johnson

Cowboys could use Barry Church right now!

Da Kid ESQ

This show is awesome. I love how yall keep it real

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